Dana White reveals "unbelievable and baffling" numbers for Power Slap League, hints at international events for future

Dana White (left) and Power Slap competition (right)
Dana White (left) and Power Slap competition (right)

Dana White has hinted at international events in the future for his Power Slap League.

Since the Power Slap League debuted earlier this year in January, Dana White has come under fire from all around for giving the unusual sport a televised platform. On the flip side, however, it has also been tremendously successful online.

This has given enough reason for the UFC president to continue building the competition. With the first season of the Power Slap League over, White has some big plans in store for its upcoming seasons.

In a post-fight press conference at UFC 286, the 53-year-old was asked whether he intends on taking the Power Slap League international, to which he replied by saying:

"The numbers are, it's baffling, it's unbelievable and baffling but at the same time when I looked at this thing back in 18 and it had 350 million views coming out of, you know, with the production value that it had everything else. My big question was, 'What would happen if it was done right?' and we found out."

Dana White further added:

"Tonight, Frank, who is the president of the company hit me up and said that he's been fielding international calls over the last several days. You know, a lot of people were sh*tting on this thing, watch what we do with this thing in the next two years."

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Dana White is working on filming the second season of Power Slap in Abu Dhabi

Following the completion of season one of the Power Slap League, there was a lot of speculation surrounding its future. However, during a recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Dana White revealed that the future plans for the competition.

White suggested that the next two seasons will be aired on video streaming platform, Rumble, and revealed that the second season of the show might be filmed on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi. He said:

"We haven't done the deal yet but we have a term sheet with Rumble for the next two years to deliver two more episodes [seasons] of the reality show, Power Slap and eight live fights. I am working on a deal right now to film season two on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi."

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