How much weight did Dana White lose and how did he do it?

Dana White at the NASCAR Cup Series South Point 400
Dana White at the NASCAR Cup Series South Point 400

UFC president Dana White recently lost 30lbs! He achieved this feat after making some lifestyle changes and switching to a keto diet suggested to him by 10X Health System's chief human biologist, Gary Brecka.

In a recent appearance on The Action Junkeez Podcast, White revealed that after testing his blood, Brecka gave him 10 more years to live. Thankfully, Brecka also had a solution to help the 53-year-old get healthier and save him from mortal dread.

According to Dana White, switching to a Keto Diet was one of the main changes the human biologist suggested. Interestingly, in just 10 weeks of following Brecka's methods, White lost 30 pounds and is now healthier than ever:

"I did everything he said to the letter, I lost 30 pounds, My legs were so f****d up thirteen weeks ago I couldn't tie my shoes... No more sleep apnea, I don't snore, every thing is gone in ten f*****g weeks... I'm on keto, I'm on the keto diet... This is what Gary Brecka told me... there are essential fats..., there are essential amino acids... there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate... I've never felt better... I feel like I'm 35 years old again [since starting Brecka's diet]."

Watch the full podcast below:

Watch: Dana White at the 10X Growth Conference 2020

Based on a 2020 Instagram post by Grant Cardone, UFC president Dana White seems to be a long-time supporter of 10X Heath Systems. White was one of the guests who was invited to be a part of the 10X Growth Conference 2020 held in Las Vegas.

In an Instagram post by 10X Health System co-founder, Cardone, the 53-year-old can be seen walking to the stage accompanied by Grant Cardone and other 10X staff.

10X Health System is an alternative healthcare company that aims to improve people's health by enhancing human performance. The company works on the principles of cellular repair, restoration and regeneration.

Watch a video explaining 10X Health System below:


The company distances itself from any invasive surgery and instead believes in supplementing the human body with essential nutrients and other biological components which it lacks, to enhance performance.

According to the company's website, 10X Health System's signature blood test makes use of 64 biomarkers to get a full overview of a person's organ health, vitamin levels, hormone panels, and blood count.

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