Danny Kingad anticipates different game plan for John Lineker in Fabricio Andrade rematch

John Lineker, Danny Kingad, and Fabricio Andrade | Image courtesy of ONE
John Lineker, Danny Kingad, and Fabricio Andrade | Image courtesy of ONE

ONE flyweight superstar Danny 'The King' Kingad recently gave his thoughts on the upcoming rematch between former ONE bantamweight world champion John Lineker and surging knockout artist Fabricio Andrade.

Lineker and Andrade will be running it back for the vacant world title after their controversial first bout last year. Ruled a no contest, the first bout between the two heavy-handed bantaweights ended when Andrade accidentally hit Lineker with a groin shot after seemingly getting close to a knockout win.

John Lineker vs. Fabricio Andrade is ruled a No Contest after an accidental low blow — a knee by Andrade —leaves Linker unable to continue. #ONEonPrimeVideo3

Many spectators believe that if 'Wonder Boy' didn't hit an errant knee in the groin, he may have finished the fight and walked away with the belt. With that, Kingad seems to believe that it would be in Lineker's best interest to avoid fighting fire with fire this time around.

Kingad told The MMA Superfan on YouTube:

"I think this second fight is going to be different, because this time, [John] Lineker has prepared better. It’s going to be another striker vs. striker fight. I think Lineker may come in with a different game plan because he can’t stand toe-to-toe with Fabricio. Nevertheless, it will be a very exciting fight."

Without a doubt, John Lineker will have to change a few things if he wants to avoid getting into trouble against Andrade like the first fight.

Perhaps a stick-and-move strategy or even using his underrated grappling could prove effective against the highly dangerous 'Wonder Boy'. We'll just have to wait until ONE Fight Night 7 on February 24 to find out.

Watch Kingad's full interview here:


Danny Kingad's teammate, ONE bantamweight star Stephen Loman, has some advice for John Lineker

Danny Kingad's Team Lakay cohort, surging ONE bantamweight star Stephen 'The Sniper' Loman, has some interesting advice for John Lineker.

In his own interview with The MMA Superfan on YouTube, the Filipino MMA marvel said:

“I think Fabricio Andrade’s trash talk did have a little effect on John Lineker... He should have never let it affect him. I’ve been the target of trash talk before, but I never really tried to match anyone for it. Words can really affect your performance if you let it."

Loman added:

“If an opponent gets to you through words alone, and you try to match it, your performance in the fight won’t be at a hundred percent. You already lost the mental battle even before the fight started. Whatever trash talk is thrown, never absorb it. Just focus on the fight so that your performance will always be at a hundred percent. Don’t ever think about what your opponent says about you.”

Watch Loman's interview below:


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