Did Floyd Mayweather invest in New York skyscraper One Vanderbilt?

Floyd Mayweather (Left), One Vanderbilt (Right)
Floyd Mayweather (Left), One Vanderbilt (Right)

In an interview in 2019, Floyd Mayweather claimed that the New York Skyscraper, One Vanderbilt, was something he was working on along with his real-estate "buddies."

'Money' Floyd Mayweather appeared in an interview with Fight Hype in May 2019. While discussing his various business ventures, Mayweather landed on the topic of the New York skyscraper. Speaking about One Vanderbilt, Floyd Mayweather said:

"... I am working with my real-estate buddies, you know, my real-estate guys. The project that I am working on right now is called One Vanderbilt. It is going to be the tallest building in New York City, it is going to be taller than the Empire State Building. We are also putting an observation deck on the building. So, that is what I'm working on also. As I said before, I make money everyday."

Today, One Vanderbilt stands as a 67-floor tall skyscraper in New York City. It is located on the corner of 42nd and Vanderbilt Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. The building opened in September 2020.

One Vanderbilt is owned and developed by SL Green Realty Corps, which is an S&P 500 company. Floyd Mayweather reportedly owns some shares in the company, as stated by the company's CEO Marc Holliday at the SL Green Realty Corp 2014 Annual Institutional Investor Conference in December 2014.

What is next for Floyd Mayweather?

The exhibition boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul finally has a date. The bout was scrapped and postponed indefinitely back in February owing to various reasons. Nevertheless, the fight between the YouTuber and Floyd Mayweather is now set to take place on June 6, 2020 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Logan Paul stated that postponing the fight was a huge mistake on Floyd Mayweather's part. In a recent episode of his podcast, 'IMPAULSIVE', Logan Paul said:

"Yeah, this whole time, I liken it to riding a rollercoaster. The moment that it became official, I kind of just strapped into this rollercoaster and it's like, 'Yeah, whatever you say Floyd. Just let me f*****g know'. And it's a little cliche but when you stay ready, you don't gotta get ready. So we've been training for the past eight months hard, like waiting, waiting for training camp. And I honestly think Floyd delaying the fight was the biggest mistake he could've made because, in these last eight months, the jumps I've made have been exponential in the sport."


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