Diego Sanchez reveals why he left Jackson Wink MMA for Joshua Fabia

Diego Sanchez
Diego Sanchez
Tarun Bhatt
Modified 05 May 2021

Diego Sanchez recently opened up about why he chose to switch training camps in 2019. The former UFC welterweight reportedly left New Mexico-based Jackson Wink MMA academy to train under the tutelage of Joshua Fabia, a self-proclaimed healer.

Sanchez made an appearance on 'MMA Today' on Sirius XM, where 'The Nightmare' talked about his first encounter with Joshua Fabia. Sanchez revealed that he was submitted by the 'School of Self-Awareness' founder within 40 seconds when they first rolled on the mat.

Diego Sanchez then began working with his "dear friend" Joshua Fabia ten days prior to the former's fight with Micky Gall at UFC 235. After finishing his training sessions at Jackson Wink MMA, 'The Dream' practiced certain "techniques and movements" with Joshua Fabia.

"For me, here I am about to be chewed up and spit out by the UFC and this is when Joshua Fabia came into my life. I was blown away," said Diego Sanchez.

According to Sanchez, training under Fabia ultimately resulted in him putting up the best performance of his career. The welterweight fighter believes Fabia's guidance helped him evade his opponent's shots, making him defensively sound.

Furthermore, Diego Sanchez claims to have been unfairly treated by his coaches at Jackson Wink MMA. Sanchez has accused his former team of not wanting to sit down to discuss his finale UFC fight.

'The Nightmare' also hinted that his fight against Michael Chiesa (UFC 239) was always going to be his last UFC outing.

"I went to the [UFC 239] media scrum and I made the decision that f**k Jackson's. F**k these motherfu**kers. They don't care about me. They don't give me no attention. They don't even have a dinner with me, you know, to talk about how we are going to plan my last fight. My last fight on my UFC contract. I was finally going to fight out my UFC contract and not sign up for five more fights like I always do," said Diego Sanchez.

Diego Sanchez talks about the incorrect media narrative on Joshua Fabia

Joshua Fabia has been the center of criticism of late since the removal of Diego Sanchez from the UFC roster last week. The MMA community has accused Fabia of duping the UFC veteran during the twilight of the latter's career.

However, Diego Sanchez believes otherwise. 'The Nightmare' talked about how the MMA media has wrongfully portrayed Fabia as a fraudster:

"I got excited. When I was out there, I spoke big on Joshua. I spoke so big that the world would have to go against it. Because, Diego is bats**t crazy. That's what I've been dealing with since that moment. The media and everybody has come against Joshua and said that he is a scam," said Diego Sanchez.
Published 05 May 2021
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