Do Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz deserve to be in the UFC Hall of Fame? HOF member Michael Bisping voices strong opinion

Nate Diaz with his brother Nick Diaz and Michael Bisping
Nate Diaz with his brother Nick Diaz (left) and Michael Bisping (right) [Images Courtesy: @natediaz209 and @mikebisping on Instagram]

Nick and Nate Diaz have carved out a unique presence in the combat sports realm. Whether it's in the octagon, or during media events, the Diaz brothers consistently captivate audiences with their extremely unique personalities.

Despite both fighters accumulating numerous losses in their MMA careers, they are still widely regarded as two of the most legendary fighters in the history of combat sports.

Fans adore the Diaz brothers due to their relentless tenacity. They've always been willing to take on anyone, including UFC management at times. However, their popularity isn't solely attributed to their brazen approach. While there are many fighters who actively seek out formidable opponents, none come close to the level of fame enjoyed by Nick and Nate Diaz. MMA enthusiasts and even fellow UFC fighters have often called for the Diaz brothers to be honored with a place in the UFC Hall of Fame (HOF).

In a recent YouTube video, UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping shared his thoughts on whether the Diaz brothers should be inducted into the HOF. 'The Count' stated that both fighters merit the prestigious recognition, although he slightly favored Nick as the more deserving candidate:

"Do these guys deserve to be in the Hall of Fame? My god, of course without a shadow of a doubt, without question. I say both of them, I think Nick Diaz over Nate Diaz certainly deserves to be there."

Check out Bisping's comments below (from 6:31):


Nate Diaz clears legal hurdles in altercation with Logan Paul lookalike

Nate Diaz will not be charged with any criminal offenses stemming from a street altercation that occurred in New Orleans in April.

The former UFC star was in Louisiana to support his teammate Chris Avila, who had just won his fight against Paul Bamba earlier in the evening. Although the incident at the event was swiftly defused, video footage seemed to capture Diaz applying the chokehold to a social media influencer named Rodney Peterson, known for resembling 'The Maverick' Logan Paul.

At the time of the altercation, Diaz was gearing up for a bout against Logan's older brother, Jake. He has playfully joked on multiple occasions that it was the elder Paul sibling he tangled with during the brawl. However, the New Orleans District Attorney’s office recently issued a statement formally declaring that the 38-year-old Stockton native will not face second-degree battery charges.

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