Donald Trump at UFC 287: Jorge Masvidal turns retirement speech political, gets Miami crowd chanting infamous Joe Biden diss 

Donald Trumps appearance at UFC 287 inspires Jorge Masvidal
Donald Trump at UFC 287 (left), Jorge Masvidal (middle) and Joe Biden (right)

Donald Trump made a surprise appearance at UFC 287 in Miami on Saturday, April 8th. His presence drew a lot of attention, but it was Jorge Masvidal's retirement speech that made headlines.

'Gamebred' faced Gilbert Burns in the co-main event, and following his unanimous decision loss to 'Durinho', Masvidal called time on his career.

Masvidal's affinity for Trump is well-known, as he was recently captured at a rally for the former president in a UFC Embedded video.

Jorge Masvidal praised Donald Trump during his retirement speech, which then took a surprisingly-political turn when 'Gamebred' spurred the crowd to begin chanting 'Let's go Brandon'. The chant stems from a now-famous incident where a commentator mistook the crowd chanting "F**k Joe Biden" for "Let's go Brandon" during a NASCAR race.

The phrase has become a controversial topic, with some people using it as a way to express their dislike for President Biden. Masvidal's use of the phrase elicited a huge response from the crowd, with many people joining in and chanting it along with him.

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Donald Trump received a warm welcome from the UFC 287 crowd, and his friendship with the promotion's president, Dana White, is well-documented.

Trump has a long history with combat sports, having promoted several boxing matches in the past. His appearance last night was not his first time attending a UFC event either, having previously been to UFC 264 in 2021.

Dana White shares who Donald Trump's two favorite MMA fighters are

Dana White and Donald Trump have share a friendship for many years, and the UFC president has even appeared at the former president's campaign rallies. Trump has attended numerous UFC events in the past, and most recently appeared at UFC 287 this weekend.

During the post-event press conference, White was asked to divulge what 'type of fight fan' Trump was. The UFC president stated that he regularly speaks to Donald Trump about MMA on the phone, and that he knows an immense amount about the sport.

Dana White also shared the former president's two favorite fighters, who also happen to be the two UFC fighters who have supported Trump most blatantly. He said this:

"So [Trump] calls me twice a month and will talk to me for an hour about fights that have happened since the last time we talked. He knows everybody, what they did, who they fought last. He's a huge fight fan... [His two favorite fighters] are Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington."

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