Sean O'Malley tells Logan Paul the unassuming reason he got into fighting as a 16-year-old

UFC 264: Poirier v McGregor 3. Sean O"Malley defeated Kris Moutinho via TKO
UFC 264: Poirier v McGregor 3. Sean O"Malley defeated Kris Moutinho via TKO
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Sean O'Malley recently revealed why he had initially forayed into the world of combat sports.

In a recent episode of IMPAULSIVE, O'Malley accepted that his initial motive behind fighting was to make an impression with women.

According to Sean O'Malley, as a 16-year-old 'skinny dude', he had few other ways of impressing women than taking up fighting. 'Suga Sean' also accepted that he did not have much success in his initial motive.

But one thing he did accomplish was the challenge of becoming an exceptional fighter. Asked if his inspiration for taking up fighting was to get women, Sean O'Malley recently told Logan Paul:

"100 percent. Dude, 16 years old, I'm a skinny little dude. No one thinks I'm one thinks I'm cool. I was funny, funny gets chicks, I didn't really know/think that back then. So I was like, I'm a fighter. Didn't work, didn't get much chicks though. But I got good at fighting."

Catch O'Malley's appearance on IMPAULSIVE below:

Sean O'Malley was a natural athlete

Sean O'Malley was an athlete since his childhood, dividing his time between soccer, basketball, football and baseball.

However, the UFC bantamweight was at a loss at the age of 16 as he couldn't make it into teams due to his low grades.

Out of options, Sean O'Malley started kickboxing and immediately attracted the attention of his coaches. O'Malley gradually transitioned into MMA, and the rest is history.

Speaking about his venture into combat sports, Sean O'Malley further told Logan Paul:

"Growing up I was an athlete, soccer, basketball, football, baseball, those four all year round. Like if there's snow, we're playing basketball, you know what I mean. Since I was like three or four years old, consistently playing sports until I was 16. then you gotta get good grades to play sports. Like what the f***. So I can't play sports, what can I do? Oh I can go kickboxing, go to the kickboxing room, they don't give a f***. They got good grades but they don't actually care. So I was 16 years old and I started kickboxing, I was just naturally...I was just hitting mitts and the coaches were like, 'this kid's pretty good.'"

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