Elon Musk's former employee calls for Andrew Tate's Twitter account to be suspended over hate speech

Andrew Tate [Image courtesy: @CoinHubCC]
Andrew Tate [Image courtesy: @CoinHubCC]

Controversial kickboxer Andrew Tate's presence on Twitter continues to be a cause of concern for many. Twitter boss Elon Musk was recently advised by his former employee Dex Hunter-Torricke to take Tate off Twitter.

Hunter-Torricke was Musk's chief of communications at SpaceX and is now responsible for reviewing the content moderation choices made by Facebook and Instagram. The Oversight Board’s Head of Communications expressed concerns about people being exposed to Tate's content, which according to him is 'misogynistic' and 'harmful'. Hunter-Torricke said in a recent interview with Sky News:

"There is content that is incredibly harmful. I think we need to look into it on a case by case basis. But certainly when there's a record, there's a track record, well built up, of incredibly harmful things being applied to a whole generation of people, we need to take action. We can't just be talking about it... There's a person here who has been spreading incredibly terrible, misogynistic, harmful content to lots of people."

Catch Dex Hunter-Torricke's comments on Andrew Tate below:

A self-proclaimed misogynist, Andrew Tate was banned from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter due to his distasteful and controversial comments. While Meta has stayed strong with their ban, Tate was allowed back on Twitter amongst several others after Elon Musk's takeover of the company.

Massive update on Andrew Tate's arrest

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested in Romania on December 28, on charges of human trafficking and rape. The brothers have been accused of coercing victims into pornographic acts with threats of violence after initially seducing them with promises of marriage and relationships.

DIICOT, the agency charged with the investigation, initially asked for a 30-days extension on Tate's custody, which was granted. The controversial kickboxer has since been in Romanian custody, although he surprisingly manages to stay active on Twitter.

In the latest developments, prosecutors have seemingly asked for 60 more days to complete the case file. The news was reported by a verified YouTube channel named BSN.

Two Romanian women who are close associates of the brothers were also arrested in the case. DIICOT is now seemingly re-interrogating one of them, Luana Radu, who is an ex-police officer turned security officer.


Meanwhile, recent wiretap leaks have also led to rumors of the brothers being framed.

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