“Enjoy the journey” - Liam Harrison tells fighting greenhorns how to overcome rookie jitters at the start of their training

Liam Harrison tells rookies to just enjoy their martial arts journey.
Liam Harrison tells rookies to just enjoy their martial arts journey.

Liam Harrison really is one of the best mentors in martial arts.

The British Muay Thai and kickboxing icon isn't just a strong fighter between the ropes, he's also a champion for athletes' mental health.

Harrison often shares his techniques on Instagram, but he also imparts his wisdom to rookies or enthusiasts who often find themselves intimidated by starting a career in martial arts.

In an Instagram video, Liam Harrison told aspiring fighters that going to their first class is usually the hardest part of being a fighter.

Nevertheless, overcoming that initial fear is one of the most important steps in building a career in combat sports.

Liam Harrison said:

"Getting into a gym, do a little bit of research in your area, no matter where you are on the planet, just do a little bit of research, find a good gym, get in there, and just start. I know people will say things like 'Oh yeah, I'm just gonna get a little bit fitter before I go.' F*** that b*******. The hardest part is walking through those doors for the first time. But every fighter that you see out there, Saenchai, Superlek, myself, every one of us had to walk through that gym door for the first time."

He added:

"It's a little bit daunting, it's a little bit scary, but honestly, once you get into it, Muay Thai is the most addictive sport on the Earth and you will love it. So get it done today and enjoy the journey."

Harrison seems to have enjoyed that journey to its absolute best.

'Hitman' is a multi-time Muay Thai and kickboxing world champion and amassed 90 wins over his legendary career.

Liam Harrison expects barnburner against Seksan

Liam Harrison is arguably the greatest Muay Thai fighter the United Kingdom has ever produced, and he plans to extend his mystique when he takes on Thai legend Seksan at ONE 168: Denver.

The Leeds native has been clamoring for a fight against Seksan, and he'll finally trade blows with the four-time Muay Thai world champion on September 6 at Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado.

In an interview with MyKhel, Harrison said he expects an absolute banger against 'The Man Who Yields To No One' in the Mile High City.

"I'll just stand in the middle with him because he likes to trade. I like to trade. We're both going to have a good time, and the crowd is going to get their money's worth," said Harrison.

Tickets for ONE 168: Denver are available on Ticketmaster.

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