Ex-UFC fighter Tim Kennedy shares ominous warning after Chinese spy balloon spotted in the U.S.

Xi Jinping (Left) and Tim Kennedy (Right) [Images via: @timkennedymma on Instagram]
Xi Jinping (Left) and Tim Kennedy (Right) [Images via: @timkennedymma on Instagram]

Tim Kennedy is one of the very few fighters who served in the United States Army while also fighting professionally. Naturally, he keeps a close eye on the American political landscape and is never shy about sharing his thoughts on the latest issues facing the country.

Most recently, a balloon has been sighted floating above the Latin American sky. On Monday, a spokeswoman for the Chinese foreign ministry told CNN that the balloon belonged to China and had been used for flying tests.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said at a routine press briefing on Monday that the balloon diverted from its original course and entered the sky over Latin America and the Caribbean by accident owing to weather circumstances and limited control capabilities over the device.

Increasing tensions between the United States and China have prompted speculation that China, as a rising power, could one day topple the United States' global supremacy. The United States has also claimed on multiple occasions that the Chinese government is attempting to steal U.S. military technology, sensitive information, and trade secrets from U.S. corporations in order to further China's long-term military and commercial development.

With all of this in mind, Tim Kennedy sent out an ominous warning online. He told Americans to stop fighting over unfair racial, gender, and identity issues and instead get ready to fight the Chinese. Kennedy wrote on Twitter:

"You better start preparing. You better start training. You better stop arguing about gender identity, racism, or the next hot topic to divide us is. Either start learning Mandarin Chinese or put down your phones and start getting ready for what is coming."

Check out Tim Kennedy's tweet below:

Ex-UFC fighter Tim Kennedy discusses the chaos caused by recent power disruptions in Austin, Texas

Earlier last week, as sections of Texas continued to fight the harsh winters, more than 430,000 homes and businesses remained without electricity.

Temperatures began to rise above freezing, causing more than 176,000 consumers, or more than a quarter of the county's energy users, to be without power.

Hundreds of people were observed dumpster diving and fighting over free food thrown by an H-E-B supermarket during the power outage, displaying the sheer nature of instinctive survival in horrifying sights.

Ex-UFC fighter Tim Kennedy questioned on Twitter the lack of preparedness of citizens during these unfortunate events. He wrote:

"Never forget, how fragile of a society we have. People are not prepared. People are not trained. When people become desperate, chaos and anarchy ensues."

Check out Time Kennedy's tweet below:

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