Fabricio Andrade reflects on his newfound fame after first Prime Video appearance

Fabricio Andrade became a star in 2022
Fabricio Andrade became a star in 2022

Whilst Fabricio Andrade may have missed out on his opportunity to become a world champion in 2022, he did end the year with a massively raised profile.

ONE on Prime Video 3 was a hugely bittersweet event for ‘Wonder Boy’. Whilst his unintentional foul may have ended his world title fight with John Lineker in a no contest, he still gained a lot from the performance.

After seemingly being moments away from becoming the bantamweight world champion, fans were left extremely impressed by Andrade, who had delivered in the biggest fight and test of his career to date.

With his flamboyant look and slick striking skills, it’s easy to see why Fabricio Andrade has quickly become a fan favorite since joining ONE Championship. In an interview with the promotion, the Brazilian spoke about his newfound fame that arrived in 2022:

“Man it’s crazy. A lot of stuff is happening in my life right now. It’s a bit like sometimes I get confused. It’s something that I have dreamed of my whole life, you know. But when it’s actually happening it’s hard to believe. I get really confused sometimes with what should I do, you know and stuff.”

He added:

“There’s so much good stuff happening in my life right now, you know, and it’s been really fast. I signed with ONE and I got all these fights and performances and they keep me busy.”

Fabricio Andrade downplays Stephen Loman’s victory over Bibiano Fernandes

No.1-ranked bantamweight contender Fabricio Andrade has remained unimpressed by Stephen Loman’s most recent performance.

At ONE on Prime Video 4, the Filipino fighter picked up the biggest win of his career, defeating former champion Bibiano Fernandes via a unanimous decision. Whilst Fernandes put up a fight, it was clear that the younger competitor was too fast for the former champion and was able to secure takedowns consistently, controlling the fight to get his hand raised.

Though a win over Bibiano Fernandes looks great on your record, Fabricio Andrade believes that Loman’s win does not hold as much value as people may think. He told ONE Championship:

“We also need to remember that Bibiano is no longer in his prime anymore. So, it’s hard like, you saw Loman had a way more difficult fight than Sato than now against Bibiano. So it’s hard to say, those guys are on their prime and now they’re finishing their careers.”

‘Wonder Boy’ also faced seasoned MMA fighter Shoko Sato in February 2021. The Brazilian striker went the distance with Sato, just like Loman did the year after. However, the damage Andrade amassed on Sato during the three-round war was unparalleled.

Watch the full fight between Andrade and Sato below:


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