Fabricio Andrade stays laser-focused ahead of rematch with John Lineker 

Fabricio Andrade (Left) has his eyes set on his rematch with John Lineker (Right)
Fabricio Andrade (Left) has his eyes set on his rematch with John Lineker (Right)

After the events of ONE on Prime Video 3, Fabricio Andrade is more motivated than ever.

In the biggest fight of his career to date, Andrade faced John Lineker for the ONE bantamweight world championship. After ‘Wonder Boy’ was in the ascendancy, he landed a knee to the groin of his opponent that ended the fight in a no contest due to an unintentional foul.

After coming so close to having his hand raised as the new bantamweight world champion, Fabricio Andrade returned to training immediately, putting his holiday plans on hold.

In an interview with ONE Championship, he said:

“You know I’ve been doing that for so long, I’ve been living out of Brazil for more than five years now and like a couple of years ago I didn’t have enough money to travel to go see my family. So I just used to train, and actually I don’t have a holiday so I just keep doing what I’m doing.”

He added:

“For this time, I actually could go and I could even stay with them but because of the fight I just chose to stay focused. So when I’m finished I can go and see them.”

At ONE Fight Night 7 on Prime Video, the two Brazilian finishers will meet in a rematch for the vacant title to resolve the inconclusive result of their first meeting.

“I did everything right” - Fabricio Andrade looks back on near-flawless performance against John Lineker

It cannot be overstated just how close Fabricio Andrade was to becoming a world champion before it was gone in the blink of an eye.

At ONE on Prime Video 3, Fabricio Andrade faced John Lineker for the bantamweight title in by far his biggest fight and test to date. After Lineker had missed weight, he was stripped of his title on the scales, meaning the world championship was only on the line for Andrade.

Whilst Lineker had his moments in the fight, it was Andrade who was dominating the contest. Near the halfway point of the fight, ‘Wonder Boy’ landed his signature knee to the body that had the former champion badly hurt.

As Fabricio Andrade looked to land the kill shot, his follow-up knee landed low to Lineker’s groin with such impact that it broke his protective cup.

Unable to continue after his recovery period, the fight was waved off due to an unintentional foul, leaving fans and Fabricio Andrade with the sense that there is unfinished business.

Discussing the finish in an interview with ONE Championship, Andrade said the near-win-turned-non-finish was both frustrating and sad:

“I trained a lot, worked a lot, and sacrificed a lot to get in my best shape. I made weight, I did everything right, I was winning the fight, almost knocking him out, and the fight ended like that. From a near knockout to a no-contest, it was very frustrating. I was very sad with the result of the fight.”

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