"He can settle his beef with 'The Rock' over those shoes" - Fans speculate potential move to WWE for Nate Diaz after former UFC star is seen with Triple-H

Nate Diaz (Left), Triple-H (Center), and The Rock (Right) [Images via @natediaz209 @tripleh and @therock on Instagram]
Nate Diaz (Left), Triple-H (Center), and The Rock (Right) [Images via @natediaz209 @tripleh and @therock on Instagram]

Nate Diaz was in attendance at the recently concluded trilogy fight between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The MMA Superstar caught up with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment at the event.

The Stockton native will test the free agency waters after successfully fighting out his UFC contract. Combat sports fans let their imaginations run wild when a picture of Diaz alongside Triple H and Stephanie McMahon surfaced on the internet.

If I'm WWE why wouldn't you figure out a way to work with Nate Diaz. WrestleMania is in LA next year. Could be a fun one off 👀 (via @elijahg209)

Netizens put on their thinking hats and speculated on a potential move to WWE for Nate Diaz. The younger Diaz brother perfectly fits the bill for an anti-hero owing to his recalcitrant character.

One fan suggested that Diaz could perhaps settle his disagreement with WWE superstar Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a 'The Rock', inside the squared circle. The Stockton slugger has openly expressed his disapproval of Project Rock as the official footwear of the promotion:

"He can settle his beef with @TheRock over those shoes"
@SandhuMMA @elijahg209 @NateDiaz209 @TripleH He can settle his beef with @TheRock over those shoes

Another fan floated the idea of a potential fight between Diaz and Logan Paul, who signed a multi-fight deal with WWE:

"That would be wild, logan paul vs Nate diaz"

Others laid out fantasy plots involving Ariel Helwani as Diaz's manager:

"Have Ariel play his manager, this would be great. Go after Logan Paul and that eventually leads to Jake vs Nate."

Check out some of the best fan reactions below:

@SandhuMMA @elijahg209 @NateDiaz209 @TripleH With how much Nate cusses i doubt they want him.
@SandhuMMA @elijahg209 @NateDiaz209 @TripleH Having the diaz bros in wwe would be epic, like having a modern day bushwackers
@SandhuMMA @elijahg209 @NateDiaz209 @TripleH The trash talking would be on another level! 🔥
@SandhuMMA @elijahg209 @NateDiaz209 @TripleH Nate vs Logan Paul then Nate wins then he fights Jake Paul in boxing.
@SandhuMMA @elijahg209 @NateDiaz209 @TripleH Too risky, you won't be able to shit if he decides to make it real mid fight.

Nate Diaz weighs in on the idea of a potential boxing fight with Jake Paul

Nate Diaz is a free-man! The Stockton slugger triumphantly fought the last fight of his UFC contract with a submission victory over Tony Ferguson at UFC 279.

Following the victory, Diaz grabbed the microphone and laid out his plans for the future in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. The American hinted at a potential move to boxing among many other options that he would like to consider in the future.

Combat sports fans and experts have picked a fight with Jake Paul to be amongst the biggest options for Diaz outside the UFC. The pair have engaged in several banters in the past and the idea of the fight intrigues fight fans.

The 37-year-old spoke to Ali Drew from Boxing Social about a potential fight with YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul in the future:

"He [Jake Paul] is a possibility. The best named boxer here is a possibility. Everybody and anybody who wants to fight in the toppest-tier, don't even play with me. I'm ready to box anybody."

Watch the interview below:


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