Former UFC champion Daniel Cormier says working with Joe Rogan has made him a better commentator

Daniel Cormier says he learned a lot from Joe Rogan in terms of commentary
Daniel Cormier says he learned a lot from Joe Rogan in terms of commentary
Santino Honasan

Daniel Cormier recently took to social media to show some love to one of his colleagues, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan.

Cormier, a former two-division UFC world champion, retired from MMA competition earlier this year, and has transitioned nicely into becoming a play-by-play commentator, alongside Rogan and Jon Anik.

Cormier, Rogan, and Anik are usually the ones working the booth during the UFC's major events, and the trio certainly have quite the chemistry among themselves. The three have brought a perfect blend of humour and insight to the UFC broadcast, making it an enjoyable experience for those watching at home.

With around four years worth of commentary experience already under his belt, Cormier is already among the best in the MMA industry today, and he says that he has learned from one of the best:

"If you pay attention to the ones who did it before you, you can learn a lot. Working with @joerogan has helped me so much as a broadcaster. Thank you my brother, can't wait for the next one."

Daniel Cormier's talents inside the cage is undeniable, as proven by his accomplishments in mixed martial arts. Outside the cage, Cormier has shown that he also has the gift of gab, which pretty much ensures that he will have another career option outside of fighting.

Daniel Cormier was in talks with the WWE for a commentary gig

As it turns out, the UFC isn't the only big sports company that's interested in acquiring Daniel Cormier's services as a commentator.

According to Daniel Cormier himself, he and the WWE were in early discussions for a possible role with the company:

“We’ve been talking. We’ve spoken to some of the people over there in very, very early conversations. WWE is a company I’ve watched and loved my entire life.”

While not everyone was exactly excited to welcome DC into the WWE with open arms, he got quite a big endorsement from one of the most respected personalities in professional wrestling, The Undertaker:

"Absolutely, and not just on his - obviously his physical ability, but he’s good on the mic too. And sometimes, that’s even more important. Like, he can put a sentence together and he can light you up with his wit, so that alone gives him a head start, not to mention he’s one of the greatest fighters ever. He’s obviously athletic, and like I said, he’s got a magnetic personality."

While Daniel Cormier seems to be doing just fine in the UFC right now, could a possible cross-over to professional wrestling be on the horizon for the former two-division UFC champion?

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