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Former UFC star Demetrious Johnson claims he will be surprised if Ben Askren manages to beat Jake Paul in their upcoming boxing match

Epic Games Hosts Fortnite Tournament At E3
Epic Games Hosts Fortnite Tournament At E3
Sayan Nag
Modified 01 Apr 2021

Demetrious Johnson recently weighed in on the upcoming bout between former UFC fighter Ben Askren and Youtube star Jake Paul. In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, the former UFC flyweight champion commended Ben Askren's decision to take on the fight.

While Demetrious Johnson was all praise for Askren, he admitted that Ben Askren winning would surprise him. Talking about the advantages of taking the fight, Demetrious Johnson told Mike Heck:

"Like I said, if he goes out there and wins…I wouldn’t be (fumbles)…I’m actually gonna be surprised if he wins. But I’m happy he still has the ability to go and do this. Right? He’s gonna go out there and make some good money. And everybody who's gonna make fun of him- he's gonna be going to cash a cheque probably Monday morning."

Mighty Mouse also stated that ignoring a booing crowd was worth the payday. Sharing an important lesson, Demetrious Johnson further added:

"And there I can see you. I will never forget. Everybody booed him, I think he was…somewhere. And he goes, ‘So you gonna boo me. You know what, that’s okay. Cause when I am gonna be driving to the bank Monday morning to cash my check, you f**kers will all be at work, working.’ That’s always a good way to look at it. I’ll probably take that saying that he said to the grave."

Demetrious Johnson is a fan of Ben Askren's Twitter feed

Considered to be one of the best to have ever done it in the division, Demetrious Johnson was appreciative of Ben Askren for fighting Youtuber Jake Paul. Mighty Mouse further said of Askren:

"Just like he is. At the end of the day people gotta realize we are all humans. And we all have feelings and we all have goals. But if Ben Askren goes out there and gets knocked out and get the bricks beat off him, I’m gonna treat him the same way as if he won that fight. I feel Ben Askren is an amazing human being, he’s very creative, he’s hilarious. I’m a big fan of his Twitter feed and how he goes out there and talks so much stuff. So yeah, I think he’s gonna go out there and give it a hell of a time."
Published 01 Apr 2021, 18:14 IST
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