"Funding his cocaine habit" - Fans amused spotting Ryan Garcia hugging Oscar De La Hoya after banning him from locker room

Ryan Garica and Oscar De La Hoya [Image courtesy @kingryan on Instagram @SportskeedaAff on X]
Ryan Garica and Oscar De La Hoya [Image courtesy @kingryan on Instagram @SportskeedaAff on X]

Ryan Garcia is embroiled in a lawsuit with his promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, over contract disputes. Despite this, Golden Boy Promotions promoted 'King Ry's' latest boxing outing the past weekend.

Tensions were running high in the lead-up to the event, and the animosity the fighter harbored against his promoter was aptly displayed when the 25-year-old blasted De La Hoya during the pre-fight presser of the event.

According to reports, the fighter's trainer had even banned 'Golden Boy' from Garcia's locker room before the fight.

After all that drama, fans are now surprised to see pictures of Garcia hugging De La Hoya after the win.

Check a few fan reactions below:

@TristanJE wrote:

"Ryan's funding his cocaine habit, so I'm not surprised."

@AnayaSeconds speculated:

"Was that a hug or a threat?"

@HamedBoxing wrote:

"Oscar was hoping Duarte won."

@kxbedxlgxdo opined:

"Ocasr is there since Ryan won, but when he lost, he vanished."

@TherealHassanO stated:

"Him and BHop [Bernard Hopkins] were nowhere to be found after the Tank fight."

@notrodtsu wrote:

"He wouldn't have done that if Ryan lost."

@barcodebum had this to say:

"Ahhhh, he salty Ryan won."

@GaryHaywar40659 wrote:

"Oscar sells fights; let's not forget that. Drama and animosity = headlines. Ultimately, creating intrigue & curiosity = more viewers."
Screenshots via X
Screenshots via X

Ryan Garcia calls out Shakur Stevenson

This past Saturday night, Ryan Garcia made a triumphant return to the boxing ring with a knockout win over Oscar Duarte Jurado. 'King Ry' now has his sights set on WBC lightweight champion Shakur Stevenson.

While Stevenson is undefeated in his career, his most recent fight against Edwin De Los Santos had been a subject of immense criticism due to it turning out rather lackluster, with neither fighter registering a two-digit punching figure in most rounds.

Garcia believes that Stevenson is no match for him. During his post-fight press conference, 'King Ry' vowed to dominate the 26-year-old if they were to lock horns in the ring:

"He broke the record for the least punches ever landed. Like that's actually a hard thing to do, the fact that he did that was crazy... He's just been a hater since the amateurs. For real, and I want to fight him. I will beat his a**. I promise you that."

Garcia added:

"I've been in the ring with him, he's cool, but he's just all scared all the time... In a pro fight, it's not going to work."

Catch Ryan Garcia's comments below (3:14):


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