"Go watch it and form a knowledgeable opinion" - Sean O'Malley blasts the UFC 269 commentary team for suggesting he is susceptible to leg kicks

Sean O'Malley (left), Daniel Cormier & Joe Rogan (right) [Images courtesy @sugaseanmma @ufcbtsport on Instagram]
Sean O'Malley (left), Daniel Cormier & Joe Rogan (right) [Images courtesy @sugaseanmma @ufcbtsport on Instagram]

Following his first-round knockout victory at UFC 269, Sean O'Malley has blasted the commentary team for implying he is vulnerable to leg kicks.

The sole loss of O'Malley's career occurred after Marlon 'Chito' Vera landed a low kick on him, hitting the peroneal nerve and essentially putting the 27-year-old's leg to foot to sleep.

However, O'Malley rejects the idea that this is reason enough for critics to believe he has an inherent weakness to leg kicks.

Speaking on the TimboSugarShow, Sean O'Malley had the following to say about Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier's commentary during his victory over Raulian Paiva this past weekend.

"They said, 'I don't know why, when you're going to fight Sean, you don't throw more leg kicks. He clearly had a problem in the Chito fight with the leg kicks.' I fight Thomas Almeida, who's a f***ing good kickboxer, who tried kicking my legs... I countered, he landed a couple, I did a couple good things with the leg kicks. Kris Moutinho, who probably kicked my legs more than Thomas, still kicked my legs."

Sean O'Malley went on to blast Joe Rogan in particular, stating that the iconic commentator had barely watched tape of his 2020 fight with 'Chito' Vera.

"You can just say anything on the mic. Everyone knows how much I f***ing love Joe Rogan. I say it after my fights... He might have watched that Chito fight one time while he was sitting there and then his opinion is what he saw right there. But dude, he got one kick that hit my nerve... He did land a couple of good leg kicks after that, but I was on one leg and I still pieced him up. If you're gonna comentate and bring up that fight, every single time I fight, go watch it and form a knowledgeable opinion about it."

You can check out the full episode of Sean O'Malley's podcast below:


Who is Sean O'Malley likely to face next in the UFC?

Whilst Sean O'Malley has said he is not even thinking about who he will face next yet, there are a few names that stand out from the pack, especially with O'Malley finally having a number next to his name.

Adrian Yanez is a name that has been mentioned by O'Malley recently. The prospect from Texas is undefeated inside the UFC, having recently put on a clinical three-round performance against Davey Grant.

Rob Font is also an opponent who could make sense. Font is known for his technical striking and would serve as an excellent litmus test for 'Sugar'.

"I call him out. He stuttered and didn't really know what to say."@SugaSeanMMA tells @arielhelwani a fight against Adrian Yanez in March "might make more sense" than other options 👀 #TheMMAHour▶️

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