Gordon Ryan undergoing 'severe, debilitated' physical change broken down by Derek from More Plates More Dates

Gordon Ryan (left) and Derek (right) [Image credits: @gordonlovesjiujitsu on Instagram and More Plates More Dates on YouTube]
Gordon Ryan (left) and Derek (right) [Image credits: @gordonlovesjiujitsu on Instagram and More Plates More Dates on YouTube]

YouTuber Derek, known for his popular channel More Plates More Dates, has weighed in on the drastic transformation that renowned Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner Gordon Ryan recently went through.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Derek discussed the possible reasons for Ryan's deteriorating health as can be seen from the recent pictures.

Derek shared that the use of antibiotics to treat strep throat may have played a part in the 27-year-old's worsening health. The YouTuber also stated that lighting and photography might have resulted in Gordon Ryan looking too depleted in the picture.

Another reason could be the lack of exercise which may have also underplayed his physique in the Instagram post.

"He is not putting himself in the best light possible to actually reflect what his physique and body composition actually is... it is not going to be that hard for him to get back to where he was and a lot of this is angles, lighting, pump etc. at the end of the day... People really need to understand what goes on in the fitness industry and stop being misled by angles, lighting, s**t like that."

The YouTuber believes that it is Ryan's recent health issues, including severe strep throat and other gut-related problems, that have led to his current situation. Speaking about PEDs, Derek said that he doesn't believe those played a part in Ryan's drastic transformation.

"It's tough to see him in this state... It's sh**ty for anybody to have to undergo this... That's a vicious circle... where it's like a major issue that you then need to take antibiotics for but you know antibiotics are what f**ked you up for your gut issues in the first place...It's not the f**king gear. Maybe it could disregulate your immune system somewhat... but it's not going to be something that makes or breaks or gets him inverse out of this situation. And this situation he's in right now has like little to nothing to do with gear... This is clearly illness related."

You can check out Derek's comments from the 14:30 mark below:


Twitter reacts to Gordon Ryan's severe physical transformation

Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion Gordon Ryan's recent pictures took the internet by storm. Shocked by the severe bodily change, many combat sports fans on Twitter share their thoughts about the issue.

Many claimed that usage of PEDs resulted in the 27-year-old's current condition.

But there were others who believed Gordon Ryan's health issues to be the cause behind his current state and showed sympathy towards the 27-year-old on social media.

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