“He’s a fu*kin zombie” - Eddie Alvarez explains Mike Perry's astounding success in bare knuckle boxing post UFC transition

Mike Perry [Left], and Eddie Alvarez [Right] [Photo credit: @bareknucklefc - X, and MMAFightingonSBN - YouTube]
Mike Perry [Left], and Eddie Alvarez [Right] [Photo credit: @bareknucklefc - X, and MMAFightingonSBN - YouTube]

Eddie Alvarez recently opened up about his BKFC bout against Mike Perry and explained the astounding success the former UFC veteran has had in bare-knuckle boxing after transitioning from UFC.

During his appearance on The MMA Hour, the former UFC and Bellator lightweight champion noted that 'Platinum' is a very durable fighter, which makes him perfectly suited for bare-knuckle fighting. He used his own experience fighting him this past weekend as an example and mentioned that he was landing powerfully on him but wasn't able to put him away.

He said:

"His [Mike Perry's] durability...He's a hard guy to put down. It's gonna be hard to even get a standing eight against him, he's a battle-axe and he's like a fu*kin zombie...The shots I hit him with a bare fist, almost a hundred percent of the time put most guys down."

Eddie Alvarez also brought up that Mike Perry goes into his bouts knowing that he will take damage and is content with that. He mentioned that 'Platinum's mentality is helpful and is one of the major factors in his post-UFC success in BKFC, saying:

"A part of the game in bare knuckle, unlike a lot of these other sports is can you take damage and keep a good positive attitude and keep coming forward as if it's not happening to you? And he could do that, he could do that with the best of them."

It will be interesting to see what's next for both Eddie Alvarez and Mike Perry, as they are two of BKFC's biggest names.

What happened when Eddie Alvarez and Mike Perry fought at BKFC 56?

Eddie Alvarez and Mike Perry competed in a highly anticipated bare-knuckle boxing bout this past Saturday at BKFC 56.

The bout was significant for the promotion as BKFC looked to crown their 'King of Violence' champion and selected the perfect fighters to fit the bill. It was a very entertaining back-and-forth bout but was cut short as the former UFC and Bellator lightweight champion's corner called off the bout following the second round.

Due to 'The Underground King's corner waving the fight off, 'Platinum' was awarded with a second-round TKO win via corner stoppage.

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