"He’s getting on my nerves" - Darren Till draws Conor McGregor parallel in reaction to Ian Garry's "moaning" 

Darren Till (center) reacts to Ian Garry (left) by making comparisons with Conor McGregor (right) [Image via: @iangarry, @ darrentill2.0 on Instagram and Getty]
Darren Till (center) reacts to Ian Garry's (left) recent comments by making comparisons with Conor McGregor (right) [Images via: @iangarry, @ darrentill2.0 on Instagram and Getty]

Former UFC fighter Darren Till recently expressed his thoughts on UFC welterweight contender Ian Garry by drawing comparisons to Conor McGregor.

Garry's marriage to Layla Anna-Lee became a target of the mixed martial arts community, and one of the harshest critics of the alliance is former middleweight champion, Sean Strickland. The former middleweight champion has repeatedly chastised the Irishman and his partner, which doesn't sit well with 'The Future'.

Speaking at the UFC 298 media day, Garry had this to say about 'Tarzan':

''My wife was called a pedophile by Sean Strickland. No woman ever deserves to be called that. That's the truth.''

Check out the clip below:

Till subsequently took to X and expressed his opinion on Garry, urging him to win on Saturday and ignore other fighters' comments about him, citing McGregor's meteoric rise in the UFC. 'The Gorilla' wrote:

''When Conor was coming up he didn’t give a f*ck what anyone was saying he just said what he said and eventually people had to like him cos he could talk the talk and walk it. Ian seems to hellbent on what’s getting said, like always moaning it seems. I don’t know… Just f*ck what anyone says and get in there and win and people will soon forget."

The Brit added:

"People are always gonna say sh*t, especially in this era we’re in. It’s the social media era. Even if you were giving food to the homeless someone somewhere would always have something to say. I can’t say I dislike Ian cos he’s always been sound when I’ve met him and he is undoubtedly a good fighter (Very good striking) but my god he’s getting on my nerves with all the moaning. Just smash Geoff up Saturday mate and I guarantee you everyone will forget and start s*cking you off again. It’s the way it works… it’s a fickle ok game!''

Dana White on Conor McGregor's return

Conor McGregor coached 'The Ultimate Fighter' Season 31 against Michael Chandler in 2023, and the two UFC stars were expected to square off at the end of the season. However, the fight hasn't materialized for a multitude of reasons, mainly McGregor's issues with USADA.

In a recent interview with Kevin Iole on his YouTube channel, Dana White gave his take on McGregor's return. He said:

''First of all, he is coming back from one of the nastiest injuries you can come back from.''

White added:

''I know he's training, I don't know what level of training he's doing, I don't know what level of kicking he's doing right now, I don't know any of that stuff.''

Catch Dana White's comments below (27:09):


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