“He’s gonna be in a really dark place” - Jake Paul predicts KSI will suffer ego death after loss to Tommy Fury

Jake Paul on the left, KSI in the middle and Tommy Fury on the right [Image source: @jakepaul on Instagram @ksi on Instagram and @tommyfury on Instagram]
Jake Paul on the left, KSI in the middle and Tommy Fury on the right [Image source: @jakepaul on Instagram @ksi on Instagram and @tommyfury on Instagram]

YouTuber turned prize boxer Jake Paul has been a long-time rival of fellow YouTuber boxer KSI.

A video on Happy Punch Promo's Twitter handle shows Paul taking shots at KSI while predicting an "ego death" for the former in a bout against Tommy Fury:

He is delusional, he has the craziest ego and he likes thinks he is way better than he is Tommy is gonna knock him the f*ck out...I think there's still a fight there always between us...

He continued:

It's gotta be squashed regardless but I think he's gonna get knocked out by Tommy and go into a hermit hole and like and have a midlife crisis where his ego is like split in half, everything he knows to be his happiness is gonna be crushed and destroyed because of his loss. I think he's gonna be in a really dark place."

Check out the tweet below:

KSI was in talks with Tommy Fury for a boxing bout in Manchester. KSI later came and threw doubt on the fight by casting aspersions on Fury, accusing him of changing the weight from 180 pounds to 185. As 'Nightmare's' promoter Saureland confirmed on Twitter the two have agreed upon the weight class, the bout might be very close to fruition:

Jake Paul faced off with Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia in a boxing match in February this year. 'The Problem Child' lost the bout by a split decision which also brought an end to his unbeaten streak in boxing. Paul has now predicted a much worse result for KSI without mincing any words.

Nate Diaz takes Jake Paul more seriously than his past rivals

On August 5th this year, Jake Paul will step inside the squared circle against former UFC title challenger Nate Diaz. Their bout was originally set at 8 rounds, but at Diaz's request, it was extended to 10. Jake Paul has earned himself a reputation for beating former MMA fighters in boxing contests.

'Stockton's Own' appeared on The Pat MacAfee Show with Paul in virtual attendance. He discussed his cardio, besides expressing his views on Paul as a combat sports athlete. To 'The Problem Child's' joy, Diaz admitted to taking him seriously as he doesn't want to lose a round against him.

I take every fight seriously no matter who it is because it's even worse if it's not somebody as good. So you gotta work harder because they got less to lose but I know that he'd beat former champions then beat these good guys so I'm not f*cking around, I'm not trying to get hit...
I'm not trying to lose a round, none of that so everything is serious."

Catch up on the video below:


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