KSI breaks silence after Logan Paul put him through a table at WrestleMania

KSI didn
KSI didn't have the best time at WrestleMania

On Night One of WrestleMania, KSI surprised fans across the globe when he was revealed to be the man inside the Prime mascot costume. Unfortunately, for the social media star, he had a forgettable outing as he was put through a table by his business partner, Logan Paul.

Logan Paul faced Seth Rollins on Night One of WrestleMania. He made a historic entrance that was similar to Shawn Michaels' at WrestleMania 12. Paul made his way to the center of the ramp on a zipline and was met by a Prime mascot who accompanied him to the ring.

During Paul's match against Rollins, when Rollins seemed to be in control, the WWE rookie was dragged out of the ring by the Prime mascot. Soon, KSI's face emerged from the mascot suit, riling up the WWE Universe.

During the match, KSI tried helping his business partner by holding Rollins down on the announcer's table for Paul to jump on. When Paul was mid-air, The Architect quickly moved away and pulled Paul's business partner on the table, forcing Paul to crush him with his Frog Splash. The founders of Prime were unable to get the better of the Visionary, leaving the arena disappointed.

At the event, KSI was seen on a stretcher with Logan Paul by his side. Since then, his fans are waiting for an update from him. The social media star has taken to Twitter to respond to his WWE appearance.

You can check out his tweet below:

Will Logan Paul and KSI make another wrestling appearance after WrestleMania 39?

Many fans were taken aback when Logan Paul revealed that his contract would end after WrestleMania 39. However, a report states that Paul and WWE have agreed to sign an extension.

While there have been no reports of a contract for Paul's partner in Prime, we can't comment on his future appearances. However, many fans seem excited to see the two team up in the future to take on the tag teams of WWE.

What would you call the team of Logan Paul and his business partner? Let us know in the comments section below!

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