How many times has Elon Musk been on Joe Rogan's podcast?

Elon Musk (Left) and Joe Rogan (Right) (Images courtesy of Getty)
Elon Musk (Left) and Joe Rogan (Right) (Images courtesy of Getty)

Elon Musk has made three appearances on the well-known Joe Rogan Experience podcast so far.

His first appearance on the UFC color commentator's podcast came back on September 7, 2018. The appearance was the most viewed episode of JRE to date, with a total of 54 million watching and listening to it.

Musk featured on the show for the second time in episode number 1470. Like the first, Musk's second time on the podcast attracted huge viewership. The episode currently has a total of 26 million views.

Watch Elon Musk's first appearance on JRE:


His most recent appearance came in February 11, 2021. The duo discussed many things on that occasion, including Space X, Tesla and climate change. Musk also detailed the shocking incident when the window of a Tesla Cyberstruck broke on stage.

Here's what he said:

"Just hours before the demo, both Franz, you know, the head of design and I were in the studio, throwing steel balls at the window, it was bouncing right off. I'm like it seems pretty good, seems like we got it."

He further added that when the door was hit with a sledgehammer, the base of the glass was weakened. This caused the glass to break upon impact with steel balls.

Watch Elon Musk talk to Rogan about the window of the Tesla Cybertruck breaking:


Joe Rogan recently discussed Elon Musk's concern over censorship

Musk has made a bid of $43 billion to take ownership of the social media platform, Twitter. While speaking on a recent episode of his podcast with Duncan Trussel, Rogan claimed that the Tesla CEO truly cares about censorship.

"I think he does care. He does, genuinely. He's concerned about censorship. He said freedom of speech is someone you don't like saying something you don't wanna hear. He goes, 'They have to have that right because it's essential to a democracy.' Most people objectively agree. The problem is they get scared because they see how mobs of people can move in a very negative direction. I think there's a real concern."

Catch Joe Rogan's comments in the video below:


It will be interesting to see if Musk makes yet another appearance on the podcast in the near future. Given that the duo have managed to form a good relationship over the years, it certainly appears likely.

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