How much is Logan Paul getting paid for the Floyd Mayweather fight?

Logan Paul will fight Floyd Mayweather on February 20
Logan Paul will fight Floyd Mayweather on February 20

Logan Paul is reportedly getting paid $10,000,000 or more to fight Floyd Mayweather on February 20.

In a recently uploaded video on Logan Paul's Impaulsive podcast channel on YouTube, the internet star-turned-boxer addressed the rumors about his fight purse that has been making rounds online.

The first reports of a "leaked" fight purse came from entertainment reported Daniel Keem, who claimed that there is a huge discrepancy in the amounts the two fighters are being paid to take the fight. According to his report on his YouTube channel DramaAlert, Floyd Mayweather would be making $5 million upfront, followed by 50% of all the PPV sales, while Logan Paul would make $200,000 only with 5% of PPV sales.

"My sources are pretty dead on, and my source gave me a text message yesterday saying Mayweather is getting paid £5 million up front and 50% of all the sales of the pay-per-view." said Keem.
"Logan is only getting paid $200,000 up front and only 5% of all the sales of the pay-per-view." said Keem.

However, Logan Paul himself claims that the estimates are way off.

Logan Paul: I would have done this for free

In the recently uploaded video from episode 243 of the podcast, Logan Paul said that this fight with Floyd Mayweather was a matter of legacy and he would have taken it for free if he had to. However, Paul said he is getting paid a lot more than the estimates by Keem. The YouTuber refused to disclose any figure at the moment.

"Everyone wants to know about the money for this fight. Everyone wants to know what got Floyd to take this fight, was it the money?... I'll say this, you're way off with your estimates, but you'll never know... I'd probably would have done this fight for free." said Paul
"It's an iconic opportunity, this is some legacy s***. I'd have done this for free. This is the coolest thing in the world. I get to grace the ring with one of the best boxers of all time and attempt to take his head off. But I didn't take it for free, I'm going to make a good amount." said Paul.

However, Logan Paul's friend and co-host Mike Majlak went ahead and revealed that it was "eight figures". Logan Paul did not contest the statement and quickly changed the topic.

Majlak even said that he had talked about the sum on his last week's Twitch episode. His fans and followers have already tweeted that Majlak talked about Logan Paul making $10 million from the Floyd Mayweather fight.

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