How much weight does Paddy Pimblett lose ahead of UFC bouts?

Paddy Pimblett (left & right) [Images courtesy of TheMacLife on YouTube]
Paddy Pimblett (left & right) [Images courtesy of TheMacLife on YouTube]

Since joining the UFC, it seems that Paddy Pimblett's weight gain between fights has attracted just as much attention as the bouts themselves. The Englishman recently revealed that he currently weighs around 200lbs after beating Jordan Leavitt at UFC London last month.

'The Baddy' competes in the UFC's lightweight division, meaning that Pimblett has to cut approximately 45lbs to make the weight limit for the 155lb division. The cheeky Liverpool-based fighter has made no secret of his love of food and he enjoys eating well after his professional bouts.

While speaking to the media at UFC San Diego, the lightweight revealed his sizeable weight gain since his last outing. However, Pimblett revealed that he plans to stop the weight gain between fights once he starts facing ranked UFC opponents:

"Yeah, when I'm a bit older and once I start fighting ranked opponents, then I will keep me weight down. But for now, I enjoy putting a little bit of chub rub on."

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Since joining the UFC in 2021, Paddy Pimblett has remained undefeated. All three of the Englishman's fights have come at lightweight, where he's beaten Luigi Vendramini, Rodrigo Vargas and Jordan Leavitt.

'The Baddy' has quickly risen to stardom in the company and has seen himself rise to nearly two million followers on Instagram, which will only aid in getting Pimblett bigger fights in the future.

Was Paddy Pimblett unbeaten in Cage Warriors?

Since joining the UFC, Paddy Pimblett has become one of the most talked about fighters in the sport. The 27-year-old was also a large name when competing in Cage Warriors.

'The Baddy' left the organization in 2021 after beating Davide Martinez at Cage Warriors 122. Despite his success in the organization, which included winning the featherweight championship, Pimblett wasn't unbeaten during his time ain the UK promotion.


The 27-year-old lost to Cameron Else, Nad Narimani and Soren Bak during his time in the organization. Else was the first fighter to ever beat Pimblett in professional MMA, which was a big shock at the time.

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