"I feel like s**t" - Jon Jones reveals his fiancé left him 'two months ago', about the same time his domestic violence case was dropped 

Jon Jones with fiance Jessie Moses during happier times
Jon Jones with fiance Jessie Moses during happier times

Jon Jones has revealed that his fiancé Jessie Moses left him a couple of months ago and has now apparently decided that she's not coming back to live with the former two-time UFC light heavyweight champion. 'Bones' took to Twitter to share the news, claiming that he's feeling "like sh*t."

"My fiancé left me about two months ago, today she finalized that she won’t be coming back. If you are a Jon Jones hater, have a toast, I feel like sh*t," Jones wrote.

Back on September 24, Jones was arrested on charges of misdemeanor battery, domestic violence, and tampering with a vehicle after he allegedly scuffled with his fiancé. The fighter allegedly grabbed her by the hair and she apparently had blood on her face. That led to Jones' subsequent arrest from the Caesar's Palace hotel in Las Vegas.

Later in December, 'Bones' accepted a plea deal which saw him avoid jailtime as the charges against him in the domestic violence case were dropped. He was asked to pay $750 in restitution and also attend anger management classes.

Interestingly, according to Jones' tweet, his fiancé left him around the same time the charges were dropped. In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Jones shared a picture with her, indicating that everything was well between the pair. However, his latest tweet clearly suggests otherwise.

Disturbing footage from Jon Jones' September arrest by Las Vegas PD released online

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has now shared a video of the 34-year-old's arrest by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. In the video, a visibly emotionally distressed Jones can be seen crying and screaming at the cops, frantically asking them to 'hurt him and kill him'.

He also kept saying that he hated them for arresting him and was seen banging his head on a police vehicle. All the while, the police tried to calm him down but not to much avail. He was then made to step inside the vehicle and was taken away.

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