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'I would sign the contract in the blink of an eye' - Georges St-Pierre reveals when Dana White could persuade him to return

Georges St-Pierre
Georges St-Pierre
Soumik Datta
Modified 08 Apr 2021

Georges St-Pierre has said that he would've signed a contract to return to the UFC if Dana White had walked in on him during his recent training sessions. GSP explained the scenario that would've convinced him to make his return to combat sports.

During his recent conversation with Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience, Georges St-Pierre detailed his recent sparring session with Freddie Roach. GSP said:

"I'm gonna explain to you if he wants me to fight that's how he needs to do it. He needs to hide himself, wait that I'm in a gym training. For example, when I was with Freddie Roach hitting the pads and getting back because I haven't done this because COVID and everything is closing in Montreal."

Georges St-Pierre also said that while he was hitting the pads, Roach asked him if he was getting the hitch back to make his return to combat sports. The former UFC welterweight champion added that if UFC president Dana White had walked in on him with a contract at the time, GSP would've signed up for his comeback immediately.

However, once St-Pierre returned to his hometown of Montreal, the reality of his comeback hit him as he got back into his comfort zone. The former UFC middleweight champion eventually decided to stick to his decision to stay retired.

"But I went back and found my mechanic back and when you train in Mixed Martial Arts and combat sport, you become a different person and Freddie looked at me like, 'George, you get the hitch back'. I'm like, 'Ah, stop saying that'. And, if Dana White would walk in right now in the gym in between rounds, I would sign the contract in the blink of an eye. But then after I go back home and go back in Montreal in my comfort and I'm like, 'Hell no'."

Georges St-Pierre last fought in the UFC in 2017

Georges St-Pierre's last fight in the UFC was against Michael Bisping at UFC 217 in 2017. GSP announced his retirement shortly after winning the UFC middleweight title from Bisping and isn't looking forward to making his return to the sport.

Published 08 Apr 2021, 00:00 IST
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