"I truly believed that he was gonna quit" - Michael Chandler admits to being wrong about Charles Oliveira, breaks down Islam Makhachev fight

Michael Chandler reflects on Charles Oliveira clash [Chandler image via UFC on YouTube | top image via Getty | UFC 280 poster via @ufc on Instagram]
Michael Chandler reflects on Charles Oliveira clash [Chandler image via UFC on YouTube | top image via Getty | UFC 280 poster via @ufc on Instagram]

Michael Chandler admits that he underestimated Charles Oliveira heading into their lightweight title clash at UFC 262. Despite having his moments in the fight, Chandler ended up getting knocked out in the second round.

Charles Oliveira v Michael Chandler was absolutely insane

Looking back at the fight, Chandler feels that he made a mistake by believing that Oliveira quits when the going gets tough inside the cage. He admits that it was an incorrect notion and that 'do Bronx' has proven in his last few fights that he is as resilient as they come and that there's no quitting in him.

Chandler also praised Oliveira for vastly improving his striking skills and hailed him as the best grappler in the UFC right now. During a recent conversation with MMA Fighting's Damon Martin, Chandler said:

"Remember the build-up to my fight with Charles? I truly believed that he was going to quit you know. We'd seen it in the past, we had seen that he wasn't that tough, we had seen that he had a tendency to find a way out in fights. He has proven time and time again both against me and then Gaethje or against Poirier, in those fights and came back and won every single one of them you know, he has shown his toughness."

Watch the interview below:


Michael Chandler explains why Charles Oliveira has the edge against Islam Makhachev

Charles Oliveira is set to take on Islam Makhachev in a fight for the currently vacant lightweight title in the main event of the UFC 280 pay-per-view. The event will take place at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi on October 22.

Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev are finally scheduled to do battle with the vacant lightweight title up for grabs at UFC 280, which is scheduled for Oct. 22 in Abu Dhabi

Weighing in on the upcoming clash between the pair, Michael Chandler claimed that both Makhahcev and Oliveira have similar strengths which is their world-class grappling skillsets. Having said that, when it comes to the striking department, Chandler feels 'do Bronx' will have a clear edge.

Michael Chandler also pointed out that although Makhachev has impressed in his recent fights, he's yet to fight elite competition inside the octagon. Although he believes both men could win on the night, Chandler is leaning towards Oliveira for his well-rounded skillset.

He futher told MMAFighting:

"I just think Islam's strengths are also Charles' strengths and Charles' striking is better and I think charles is more skilled you know. If islam can go out there and he actually is that strong, he actually is that dominant with position then Charles is gonna have a long night but I think charles is just too slick, too good and he's going to give him fits on the feet and it won't be hard to take charles down but I think Charles wins the grappling exchanges."

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