"I don't wanna do this for anybody else" - Joe Rogan reveals how his UFC contract is tied to 'animal' Dana White 

UFC 274: Oliveira v Gaethje
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Joe Rogan is the voice of the UFC. For many casual fans, a pay-per-view event feels incomplete without Rogan in the commentary booth. While he no longer needs his job as a commentator to make a living, he continues to do so out of his love for the promotion and the sport of MMA.

However, what some fans may not know is that a large chunk of his commitment is to UFC president Dana White as well. Joe Rogan has repeatedly stated that he wouldn't want to work under anyone else's direction, and the nature of his current UFC contract reflects that.


On episode 142 of The Joe Rogan Experience, the popular podcaster spoke to former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra about Dana White's work ethic, referring to him as an 'animal'. The full episode can be accessed down below, with the segment about Dana White starting at 18:35 minutes:

His exact words about White were as follows:

"He's an animal. He's just, like, always doing stuff. He's always involved, he's always got deals, he's always working on fights, he's always... he f*****g loves this s**t. If he ever... it's in my contract that if he ever leaves, I leave. I'm like, 'I don't wanna do this for anybody else'."

The UFC, with neither White nor Rogan, would be unrecognizable to most fans. The pair have been constant fixtures in the promotion for decades. While Rogan works fewer dates than he used to, the former Fear Factor host is still present for blockbuster PPV events.

Joe Rogan's close ties with Elon Musk

Dana White isn't the only successful businessman that Joe Rogan has expressed admiration for. The UFC commentator is a great admirer of Elon Musk. The pair have grown reasonably close after Musk's appearances on Rogan's podcast.

Rogan even texted the SpaceX CEO to express his support of his then desire to purchase Twitter, which Musk has since done. However, the UFC commentator, who is an experienced martial artist, is yet to offer Musk his services as a trainer for a potential MMA fight between him and Mark Zuckerberg.

But if the fight is officially announced, it's hard to believe that Rogan won't have something to say about it.

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