Josh Thomson talks about Logan Paul's partnership with UFC

Logan Paul (Left), and Josh Thomson (Right) {Photo credit: WEIGHING IN - YouTube}
Logan Paul (Left), and Josh Thomson (Right) {Photo credit: WEIGHING IN - YouTube}

Josh Thomson has weighed in on the new partnership deal between Logan Paul and the UFC, which will see his Prime sports drink become an official sponsor.

During episode #331 of the Weighing In podcast, Thomson and 'Big' John McCarthy spoke about the new deal and what it could mean entail. He questioned where the Prime-UFC deal leaves Monster now that Paul's brand is the official beverage partner.

He said:

"Jake is attacking Dana {White}, Logan's like, 'You know what, let me jump on the Dana White bandwagon, creates us a bit more controversy and it's me versus my brother and see what I could do.' So good for him. Congratulations. I wonder where that leaves Monster." [1:17:09 - 1:17:23]

The former Strikeforce lightweight champion also brought up that Dana White was basically hinting at a deal. He mentioned that the UFC President had been seen drinking the product in public, saying:

"I didn't know it was going to be the official drink {Prime}. I thought maybe they'd share it with Monster, but I think if Monster is out, Prime is in...You could kinda tell because Dana had been drinking it quite a bit in public, yeah, so you kinda could tell there was something going on with that." [1:16:43 - 1:17:01]

Thomson complimented 'The Maverick' for still being able to build business relationships regardless of whether his brother isn't on good terms with whoever he is dealing with.

Check out the full video:


Josh Thomson opens up about Fedor Emelianenko's legacy

It's the last ever Fedor Emelianenko ๐Ÿ fight week #Bellator290 ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Josh Thomson opened up about Fedor Emelianenko's legacy in MMA as he prepares to compete in his retirement fight against heavyweight champion Ryan Bader at Bellator 290.

During episode #331 of his Weighing In podcast with former MMA referee 'Big' John McCarthy, he spoke about Emelianenko's career and mentioned that he is looking forward to witnessing his final fight this Saturday.

He said:

"It was around that 2003-2004 is when people really started recognizing him as being damn, this guy is so good...He's leaving behind a huge legacy that I'm excited to call it a career on, but there's little bit of 'Oh man, I can't believe it's over.'" {34:41 - 36:34}

'The Last Emperor' will look to turn back the clock to avenge his loss to Bader and add another heavyweight championship to his resume at age-46.

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