Jake Paul claims he will beat Daniel Cormier in a boxing match

Triller Fight Club: Jake Paul v Ben Askren
Triller Fight Club: Jake Paul v Ben Askren
Sayan Nag

Jake Paul recently got involved in an online feud with former two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier. The banter started over Twitter when Cormier voiced his disapproval of Jake Paul's behavior towards Tyron Woodley in the locker room during the Triller Fight Club event on April 17.


After his first round TKO of Ben Askren, Jake Paul now seems confident of beating Daniel Cormier in a boxing bout. In a recent episode of IMPAULSIVE, Jake Paul mocked Daniel Cormier for backing Ben Askren before the match and being dismayed at his loss afterwards.

Claiming he could beat DC like his former foe Stipe Miocic, Jake Paul said:

“Dumbass bro (for believing that Ben Askren would win). And then just turns his back on him. This is the point I’m trying to get at bro, like so many fake motherf***ers in this generation. Daniel Cormier- ‘That’s my boy Ben…da da da…he’s gonna beat Jake, he pushed him in the face so he’s gonna win now…da da dada…chirp chirp chirp. I knock him out, he’s (Daniel Cormier) on Twitter- ‘Ben, are you serious bro? You went down like that. Ben are you kidding me? Ben, I can’t believe you did that to the MMA….’ Shut the fuck up b**ch! Daniel Cormier, I’ll beat the f**k out of your fat ass too just like Stipe (Miocic) did, Cleveland shit! I swear to god, I’ll beat the f**k out of Daniel Cormier!”

Jake Paul is sure of fighting Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier issued a warning to Jake Paul asking him to steer clear of guys like Tyron Woodley. The YouTube star turned professional boxer responded by suggesting a card featuring a bout between himself and Daniel Cormier, and another between Tyron Woodley and Paul's cornerman, J'Leon Love, who was also involved in the altercation inside the locker room.

Though Paul may have called out Cormier, he still claims to have respect for the man. Assuring a fight with DC, Jake Paul said:

"Look I respect him, I think he’s great, he had an amazing career, I appreciative of what he has done for the MMA community. But don’t switch up on your boy like that, it shows your true character. And by the way I will fight him."

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