“Jake Paul isn’t ready for you” - Fans react to Mike Tyson feeding "the God of War” in latest training session ahead of high-profile boxing fight

Fans react to Mike Tyson posting videos of his recent training sessions [Photo Courtesy @miketyson on X]
Fans react to Mike Tyson posting videos of his recent training sessions [Image Courtesy: @miketyson on X]

Mike Tyson appears to be ready to return to the boxing ring for the first time since 2020.

Less than two weeks after being announced as a headliner of the first live boxing event streamed on Netflix, Tyson posted footage from his training camp to social media. Displaying elite hand speed and mobility for a 57-year-old, Tyson gave some fans hope that he stands more of a chance against Jake Paul than many predicted upon initial reaction.

Towards the end of the video, Tyson was seen saying:

"Day four, you know, doing okay. But you don't know what you got in store, baby, you got to feed the God of War. Get ready, baby. Fire in the house!"

Fans complimented the former heavyweight champion, and many expressed hope that he had enough left in the tank to defeat Paul. Optimistically, one fan claimed Paul "isn't ready" for the July 20 fight date.

The fan commented:

"Jake Paul isn't ready for you"

While many are anticipating the bout to occur as an exhibition, reports have been confirmed that promotional officials are pushing for it to be licensed as a professional fight. Despite the public backlash of such a claim, Tyson appears to be approaching the fight if he will be fighting as a professional for the first time since 2005.

However, many doubt the legitimacy of the act due to the vast age and weight difference. By the time of the fight, Tyson will have turned 58, 31 years older than Paul.

View other fan reactions to Mike Tyson's training video below:

Fans reacting to Mike Tyson's recent training video [via @miketyson on X]
Fans reacting to Mike Tyson's recent training video [via @miketyson on X]

Mike Tyson's exhibition boxing history since his retirement

Since officially retiring from professional boxing in 2005, Mike Tyson has fought twice in an exhibition setting.

Originally a desperation effort due to financial issues, Tyson attempted to start the 'Mike Tyson World Tour' but only held one event against Corey Sanders. The remaining events were canceled due to a lack of interest.

Tyson would return to boxing in 2020 against Roy Jones Jr. after returning to training in an attempt to get back in shape at an advanced age. The fight would headline a pay-per-view card marketed as 'Lockdown Knockdown' with Jake Paul in the co-main event.

While significantly more fans were interested in the fight with Jones Jr., many still criticized the fight for a lack of action due to both fighters' advanced ages.

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