Joe Rogan pays respects to BJJ black belt who began training jiu-jitsu at 68 years old

Roberto Aguilar (left, image courtesy of @romulobarral Instagram); Joe Rogan (right, image courtesy of Getty).
Roberto Aguilar (left, image courtesy of @romulobarral Instagram); Joe Rogan (right, image courtesy of Getty).
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Joe Rogan has long been a Brazilian jiu-jitsu aficionado. The veteran UFC commentator is a BJJ black belt and a strong advocate of the grappling-centric martial art's significance in the realm of combat.

Rogan has paid his respects to Roberto Aguilar, a fellow BJJ expert after Aguilar received his black belt from widely revered BJJ coach Romulo Barral.

Aguilar started his BJJ training at 68 and gradually worked his way up to the black belt rank. Thoroughly impressed by Aguilar’s accomplishment, Rogan took to Facebook and reposted a video of him being awarded his black belt. Rogan also attached a statement to the post:

“He’s some awesome inspiration and an enhancement of perspective. This gentleman didn’t start training in jiu jitsu until he was 68 years old, and he just received his black belt from the highly respected @romulobarral. An incredible accomplishment!”

After receiving his black belt, the video features Roberto Aguilar speaking to others at the gym. Expressing his gratitude, Aguilar stated:

“This is the most people I have ever spoke to. Anyway, don’t ever let time dictate what you want to do. I didn’t start this till I was 68. But it was a dream; for mobility, sociability, everything. Thank you very much to everybody.”

Aguilar revealed that the most challenging part for him was coming to the gym with 20 and 30-year-olds while he was almost 70. He added that he’s not trying to be like them but is simply attempting to be a better version of himself.

Check out Roberto Aguilar’s speech and Joe Rogan’s statement in the Facebook post below:

Michael Bisping labels Joe Rogan as “the godfather of MMA commentary”

Joe Rogan never holds back while praising his fellow martial artists over their accomplishments. Additionally, his accolades – both within and outside the martial arts dominion – are nothing to scoff at. In his impressive career as a UFC commentator, Rogan has established himself as the face of MMA commentary.

Speaking to MMA Junkie earlier this year, MMA legend Michael Bisping said that Rogan is the godfather of MMA commentary. Having worked in the commentary team alongside Rogan at UFC 272 in March, Bisping praised the BJJ savant and said:

“Just to get the call was incredible [already]. Joe Rogan’s the godfather of MMA commentary. Let’s be honest. So, to work alongside him was fantastic.”

Watch the interview with Michael Bisping below:


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