Joe Rogan receives sincere praise from soldier and ex-UFC fighter Tim Kennedy - One of the most powerful voices for freedom

Tim Kennedy (left) and Joe Rogan (right) [Image courtesy of @timkennedymma on Twitter]
Tim Kennedy (left) and Joe Rogan (right) [Image courtesy of @timkennedymma on Twitter]

Joe Rogan has received high praise from his latest guest Tim Kennedy after the former UFC fighter and soldier made an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast. The duo spoke about various topics, including Kennedy's experiences in the military.

After the podcast aired, Kennedy took to Twitter to show his support for Rogan and his show. The 42-year-old believes that the UFC commentator is an important voice in modern-day society. He wrote:

"In the years to come Joe is going to be recognized as one of the most powerful and important voices for freedom of this generation. Even though it is being portrayed that we are more divided than ever, the group in the middle, that I call the radical middle, are uniting."

Joe Rogan is known for his openness on his podcast and never holds back when speaking about his personal beliefs. The podcaster often talks about drugs, wars, politics and other subjects that many would rather stay away from.

Rogan also likes to bring on controversial guests. A good example of this was when he invited Dr. Robert Malone onto the JRE podcast. It was a bold move given that Dr. Malone had been banned from Twitter due to his comments surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine.

Kennedy is a fellow free-speaker and often shares his political and social thoughts on social media. The former solider is also an author and recently released his book Scars and Stripes, which has sold very well since its release.

Tim Kennedy explains to Joe Rogan why he helped create Save Our Allies

Tim Kennedy is a former U.S. Special Forces soldier who helped Afghan allies during the collapse of the South Asian country. Kennedy explained to Joe Rogan his reasoning for helping to create Save Our Allies.

The organization was set up after Chad Robichaux, Sarah Verardo, Nick Palmisciano, and Kennedy needed to rescue an interpreter named Aziz who had worked with them in Afghanistan.

On the podcast, Kennedy went into detail about why and how the organization was formed:

"So, in this moment we have the right kind of, two people. I have a good mission. I know what I’m going to do, it’s morally right and somebody has to do it, or Aziz and my friend’s friend is going to be murdered. And I have a method. Sarah [Verardo] can get us routes and approval from the government, so the four of us started this NGO called Save Our Allies."

Listen to the full JRE podcast episode below:

Kennedy went on to share that after a conversation between the four founding members, he flew out to the Middle East the next day. The 42-year-old explained that he visited the Crown Prince of the UAE, who gave the organization a plane to use to evacuate their allies from Afghanistan.

In just 10 days, Save Our Allies successfully rescued 12,000 people from the country. The organization evacuated 11% of the total number of people rescued from Afghanistan.

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