Joe Rogan tells Ryan Holiday on JRE how he tackles fan hatred on social media - "It's like snake venom"

Joe Rogan at UFC 274: Oliveira vs. Gaethje
Joe Rogan at UFC 274: Oliveira vs. Gaethje
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On the 1836th edition of the JRE podcast, Joe Rogan opened up to his guest Ryan Holiday on how he handles fan hate on social media. Rogan said that he laughs about people being mean to him at this point:

"I have something like 15 million Instagram followers and nine million Twitter followers. It's a lot of people and if I absorb all of their opinions, it's unmanageable. But I'm so accustomed to people talking s**t about me, I'm so accustomed to hate, I can read someone being really mean about me and just go haaa! Like it doesn't get me anymore."

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Furthermore, Rogan said that during the initial days of social media, hate comments bothered him. The comedian also advised people not to get too consumed with the negative comments they receive on such platforms, stating it's "not good" for them.

The UFC commentator felt that people who fail to filter out negative social media comments always look like they haven't slept in days. He expressed his opinion that social media is like snake venom:

"I think there is a certain amount of resistance you can build from social media. It's like snake venom. Take a little bit of it you develop a tolerance, but if you get too much of it, its gonna f*****g kill you."

Joe Rogan talks about online interactions

In another JRE episode, Joe Rogan spoke about how a lot of people today are almost exclusively communicating through the internet. Rogan said that this type of interaction is not indicative of how humans evolved, and is fueling the spread of hate:

"There is some people right now in our culture that, they are communicating with people, but the people they are communicating with, they are only communicating with people online. They are only doing it through Twitter or Facebook or however they do it... Their days are spent interacting just randomly with people tweeting at them... all they are doing is interacting with people online. I just think there are a lot of kids developing that way... It's not indicative of how we evolved."

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Joe Rogan opined that online interactions were a form of expression where people didn't care about hurting the feelings of others. The comedian also said that people today hate others for petty reasons, like having opinions contrary to theirs.

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