"Inside the cage, the conversation is different" - John Lineker on Fabricio Andrade calling himself the uncrowned bantamweight king

[Photo Credits: ONE Championship] John Lineker and Fabricio Andrade
[Photo Credits: ONE Championship] John Lineker and Fabricio Andrade

John Lineker's divisional contenders cannot stop calling him out. At ONE 158, Fabricio Andrade and Kwon Won Il will face off in a title eliminator match. Both are on knockout streaks in the weight class and have asked for a match against 'Hands of Stone'.

Won Il has been respectful in his callouts, whereas Andrade has claimed that he, not Lineker, is the rightful champion of this division. The ONE bantamweight titleholder is not bothered by the trash talk as he understands why they do it. Nevertheless, Lineker says that he'll do his talking through the action in the cage.

In an interview with Sportskeeda MMA, John Lineker said:

"They like to talk to promote themselves. Talking is free, right? [laughs] But I let them talk, I let them run after me. As they talk, I'm training and getting stronger and ready to defend my title. My conversation is different. My conversation is inside the cage. And they all know that my conversation is very tough, that inside the cage the conversation is different."

Lineker won his title earlier this year when he knocked out then-champion Bibiano Fernandes. Fernandes previously set the record for most title defenses in ONE history before his reign was ended by 'Hands of Stone'.

Holy smokes. John Lineker is the champ. He just obliterated Bibiano

Fabricio Andrade and John Lineker

Bantamweight contenders 'Wonder Boy' Andrade and 'Pretty Boy' Kwon Won Il have won their last five combined fights via knockouts. Now, both want to face Lineker next and one can secure the chance to do so on June 3.

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Fabricio Andrade has said that Lineker is scared of facing him and is ducking him. In response, Lineker told Sportskeeda MMA:

"As for what he says, it doesn't bother me. I'm already used to it. People like to talk and I like to solve things inside the cage. That's my style, talking little and doing well in the cage."

The bantamweight champion is not bothered by those who trash talk him. He added that he is willing to face any and all contenders.

"I hope he wins and that ONE can give him the opportunity. I'm here, I'm the champion. He wants the title shot. I'm waiting, I'm ready to fight anyone. I already miss the cage and I can't wait to defend my title. So, who knows this will be my first title defense? Let's wait, he still has a fight ahead of him."

Fabricio Andrade and Kwon Won Il will fight at ONE 158 on June 3, with a chance to face defending champion John Lineker later this year on the line.

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