"For me it's everything" - Joseph Lasiri talks meaning of ONE 157 title shot against Prajanchai PK.Saenchai

Joseph Lasiri (left) and Prajanchai PK.Saenchai (right) [Photo Credit: ONE Championship]
Joseph Lasiri (left) and Prajanchai PK.Saenchai (right) [Photo Credit: ONE Championship]
Timothy Wheaton

Joseph Lasiri sees his title fight at ONE 157 as the culmination of a lifetime of hard work. On May 20, the Italian will fight for the ONE Muay Thai strawweight championship against reigning and defending titleholder Prajanchai PK.Saenchai.

Lasiri recognizes this opportunity as the biggest moment of his career. In a recent interview with Tim Wheaton for Kickin' It, this is what 'The Hurricane' had to say:

"I am focused on the world title. For me it's everything. Because I've been training Muay Thai since I was 17 years old, and now I'm 30... It's everything, an opportunity for a world title... Now the world title against this opponent is everything for me."

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Lasiri has had a decorated Muay Thai career. The Italian fighter has held titles in every organization he has fought in. He was a champion of the World Muaythai Organization, World Fighters Council, and World Boxing Council Muaythai, among others. He explained that he will look back at the accolades one day and enjoy them, but for now the only thing that matters is the ONE title:

"One day I can feel that emotion... But now I am focused only for this title... For me, [on] the 20th of May, not thinking about my ex-titles. I am going there like this is my first title shot."
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Joseph Lasiri on Prajanchai PK.Saenchai and Sam-A Gaiyanghadao

Joseph Lasiri has had a lot of experience fighting in ONE Championship and he has fought some of the best opponents the organization has to offer.

He has faced notable fighters such as Jonathan Haggerty, Mongkolpetch Petchyindee, Singtongnoi Por Telakun, and Asahi Shinagawa.

Lasiri made his debut in ONE against the great Sam-A Gaiyanghadao in 2018. He lost by second-round TKO. Sam-A has over 400 fights and has held titles in Lumpinee Stadium, WBC Muay Thai, and ONE Championship, among others.

Lasiri's opponent at ONE 157, Prajanchai, has won multiple titles in his decorated career and holds over 300 victories in the sport.

The 30-year-old explains that Sam-A is the better fighter of the two:

"Sam-A is more dangerous than Prajanchai. I'm sure about that even if Sam-A may lose against Prajanchai... I have some respect for that fighter. He's very good, smart, timing is perfect."

ONE 157 will also feature the start of the Muay Thai Flyweight Grand Prix and a Muay Thai featherweight title fight in the main event.

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