Josh Thomson and John McCarthy analyze Colby Covington's best chance of beating Kamaru Usman

UFC 245: Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington
UFC 245: Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington
Anurag Mitra

Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman are set to reignite their intense rivalry in a welterweight title fight that will headline UFC 268.

Usman has been the most dominant force in the entire welterweight division over the past few years. He has four successful title defenses to his name already and will be looking to extend the number to five when he fights Covington in November.

However, of all the people Usman's defended the title against, Colby Covington undoubtedly gave Usman the toughest challenge. Their first fight was a back-and-forth barnburner until Kamaru Usman let his hands go in the fourth round and broke Covington's jaw. In the final round, the fight was stopped following a vicious knockdown by the champ.

Josh Thomson and John McCarthy think it will be smart for Colby Covington to return to his roots while preparing his blueprint for the upcoming rematch against Kamaru Usman. According to them, Covington must try to use his wrestling instead of standing in the middle and trading shots with the champ this time around.

"I think [Usman] just stands, sprawls, brawls, and tries to knock [Covington] out again. I just don't want him to fall in love with his power. Because he's got the power, he's got the straight jab, he has all these things. Colby is going to be in trouble. This fight's not going to be any different. Colby is going to work, I think Colby's going to try to mix it up. I think he's going to try to wrestle him more which I think is the smartest thing because Usman will slow down on the stand-up if he has to wrestle more. If you get him to wrestle early, it'll change the way Usman fights this fight," said Josh Thomson.

Watch Thomson and McCarthy's podcast below:

Kamaru Usman has developed a taste for knockouts since joining Trevor Wittman

Kamaru Usman has great power in his hands for a welterweight, and since teaming up with Justin Gaethje's coach Trevor Wittmann, 'The Nigerian Nightmare' has developed an affinity towards knockout victories. He has now earned stoppage victories in three out of his last four fights.

Covington must be aware not to let Usman touch him up at any point in time during the fight, else the rematch will end the same way as the first fight.

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