Julian Marquez responds to backlash for iconic Miley Cyrus proposal moment 

Julian Marquez responds to critique over Miley Cyrus callout
Julian Marguez (left) and Miley Cyrus (right)

Julian Marquez produced one of the most comical moments in UFC history when he took his chance to ask out iconic pop star Miley Cyrus during his post-fight interview.

He recently responded to criticism from fans regarding his callout of Cyrus, during an interview with Alex Behunin. Marquez defended his actions in a recent statement, arguing that the callout helped him gain more attention and ultimately helped his career.

"How is it a fumble? You'll know me, and you'll forever know me. At the end of the day it did what it needed to do," Marquez said in the statement. "Think about it, I'm famous because people are upset that I didn't go on a date with somebody that they wish they could go on a date with..."

Watch the video below:

While some fans may still be critical of Julian Marquez's actions, the fighter remains confident in his decision to call out Cyrus and believes that it ultimately helped him gain more visibility and attention in the industry.

Throwback to Julian Marquez's hilarious callout of Miley Cyrus

Callouts have become increasingly common in the UFC, with fighters often taking it upon themselves to call for their next opponent following a victory in the hallowed octagon.

However, at UFC 258 in 2021, Julian Marquez took the opportunity to make a different type of call out. While speaking to Joe Rogan during his post-fight interview, Marguez called out Miley Cyrus and asked her to be his Valentine.

He said the following:

"I've been waiting 31 months to get on this damn microphone, and to call these people out right now. This is my time to shine. So, Miley Cyrus! Will you be my valentine?"

Watch the video below:

Julian Marquez's callout may have taken fans by surprise, but arguably no one could have expected Cyrus to reply to the callout. She took to Twitter and said this:

"Shave an MC into your chest hair and I am YOURS. Happy VDay and Congrats my love!"

See the tweet below:

Many believe that Marquez 'fumbled the bag' with his reply to Miley Cyrus' tweet, as the 'Cuban Missile Crisis' said this:

"@MileyCyrus If you get a henna tattoo that says Cuban Missle Crisis above your belly button like 2pac I’m in"

See the tweet below:

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