Julianna Pena says Dillon Danis slid into her DMs: "He's trying to take me on a date"

Julianna Pena reveals Dillon Danis sliding into her DMs. [Image courtesy: Getty Images]
Julianna Pena reveals Dillon Danis sliding into her DMs. [Image courtesy: Getty Images]

Julianna Pena recently shared a story about Bellator fighter Dillon Danis attempting to take her on a date. The revelation came during a telephonic conversation on The MMA Hour hosted by Ariel Helwani.

While discussing potential romantic interests with middleweight contender Carlos Ulberg, who was also a guest on the show, Helwani decided to play matchmaker. After Ulberg expressed his interest, Helwani called Pena to share the news. This prompted Pena to disclose a previous encounter with Danis.

Speaking to Helwani, the former UFC women's bantamweight champion revealed:

“I think that my friend Dillon Danis might get a little jealous. Well ever since I met with Dillon on your show, he’s like in my DMs, trying to take me out on a date. If he finds out that my man Carlos Ulberg is trying to take me out I mean, I think he’s going to have another fight on his hands.”

Pena found Danis "a lot cuter in person" but ultimately decided not to pursue his advances.

Check out Julianna Pena's revelation in the clip below:

Dillon Danis trades verbal jabs with Paige VanZant on social media

Dillon Danis and former UFC star Paige VanZant are embroiled in a heated social media spat. The feud began when VanZant, ahead of her upcoming boxing debut, criticized Danis' performance in his boxing debut last year, calling him "not a real fighter."

VanZant shared a video on Instagram, mocking Danis' lack of personal and professional achievements. She dismissed his claims of past flings, stating their only encounter was at a UFC event where Danis made an inappropriate request.

VanZant concluded by suggesting Danis' online tirade aimed to provoke her husband, Bellator fighter Austin Vanderford, into a fight.

The back-and-forth escalated further when Danis posted revealing photos of VanZant and wrote:

"You're crying in that video because you know I have receipts. You sell your a*se hole and nasty botched t*t job pics because you were a terrible fighter and have to support your de*dbeat husband, a failed fighter turned Only**ns c**k, who can't even support you financially. You must have forgotten why I asked you to p*g me because that sta** pu**y filled the room from all the Alpha Male gym members who've nu**ed in you. Your husband isn't with you because you're special; he's the only brainde*d c**k who said yes. You settled for him because I was just too smart to marry a wh**e."

Check out Dillon Danis' post here.

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