Kamaru Usman's knee at UFC 286 weigh-ins has fans concerned

Kamaru Usman
Kamaru Usman's knee [Image Courtesy: u/spookyb0ii on Reddit]

Fans have expressed concern over Kamaru Usman's physical condition after his appearance at the UFC 286 weigh-ins.

In particular, many have pointed out the state of Usman's left knee, which appears to be bruised and stiff. This has raised questions about whether he may have sustained an injury or has overtrained, potentially affecting his performance in the upcoming fight against Leon Edwards.

Ahead of his highly anticipated title rematch with Edwards at UFC 286, Usman has addressed concerns about his physical condition, specifically rumors of a serious knee injury. Despite being seen wearing a knee brace during training, the former welterweight champion has reassured fans that he is not suffering from any major knee injuries.

However, Kamaru Usman's reassurances have not removed the doubts of Reddit users and other fight fans, who have expressed concern about the former champion's physical condition ahead of his upcoming fight.

Many fans have questioned how Usman's knee issues might impact his performance in the octagon, and some have even speculated that the injury could result in him losing the fight.

Reddit user @NoOffer5595 wrote:

"Knee shot dead!"

Another user @LambCurryDotOrg stated:

"Bro looks like his grandmother sewed his knees back together for him."

@Brosiitus wrote:

"One oblique kick and it’s a wrap."

@Newkker seemed astonished by the state of Kamaru Usman's knee:

"I thought the usman knee thing was a meme but that sh*t really don't look right lol."

@saxata_gintoxi took a jab at 'The Nigerian Nightmare's' fight camp and wrote:

"His camp was about spamming flying knee."

@hippotatolazer reacted:

"His feet look like a damn velociraptors."

Another user @ Razvanell95 wrote:

"Honestly I'm more worried about his interviews than his knees."

@BrandDC poked fun at the former welterweight champion's feet:

"Nevermind his knees... Those don't look like human feet."

Reddit user @Familiar-Guava-5786 wrote:

"Looks like some muscle dystrophy on Usmans left leg. It can be a result of a severe and ongoing knee injury."

@Dense_Secretary_4321 wrote:

"Word on the street is Kamaru Usman was KO’d by chase Hooper in sparring."

Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards engage in a spiced-up final face-off

The second encounter between UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards and former champion Kamaru Usman was characterized by intense exchanges.

At the UFC 286 ceremonial weigh-ins, the two opponents clashed bitterly, each attempting to frighten the other and gain a psychological advantage ahead of their impending fight.

Edwards and Usman had a tense face-off that was accompanied by chants of "Rocky" from the enthusiastic crowd. Edwards, who is from the UK, received a particularly warm reception from the fans.

Their prior clashes have set the atmosphere for a heated battle. 'Rocky' stunned the MMA world by beating Usman in their most recent fight at UFC 278 with a shocking fifth-round head kick, winning him welterweight gold.

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