'I didn't hear no bell' - Kris Moutinho shares hilarious meme reflecting on UFC 264 war with Sean O'Malley

UFC 264: Poirier v McGregor 3
UFC 264: Poirier v McGregor 3

Kris Moutinho has showcased the ability to laugh at himself in the wake of his war against Sean O’Malley at UFC 264.

On that night in Las Vegas, Kris Moutinho put his best foot forward and refused to back down against 'Sugar' - despite clearly being outmatched by his size, precision and overall ability.

However, despite the power of O’Malley taking out the majority of his opponents in the past, he wasn’t quite able to land a decisive blow. The late stoppage came as a result of the referee believing Kris Moutinho had taken enough damage.

Kris Moutinho: a true warrior

Now, the underdog is ready to move forward - but not before some good old fashioned self-deprecation on social media.

We’d argue that Kris Moutinho has done more than enough to earn another shot in the UFC. Given the love Dana White has for fighters who put it all on the line, how could he turn him down?

Moutinho wanted to make some kind of statement against O’Malley. While he wasn’t quite able to secure the win he wanted, he did something even better: he won over the fans and showed the heart of a lion.


He’s a 9-5 fighter who isn’t likely to climb up through the ranks of the division. However, you can bet he’s going to give plenty of bantamweights a hard time whenever he steps into the octagon. The wins and losses are important, sure, but becoming a cult hero in this game is rare and mixed martial arts provides a small window of opportunity to succeed.

Kris Moutinho needs to seize his moment and take advantage of the popularity that he seems to have built for himself over the past few weeks. Sean O’Malley is clearly the better of the two fighters and has real star potential ahead of him. However, we shouldn’t automatically dismiss what Kris Moutinho has to offer to this promotion.

UFC 264 was an incredible event and this man played one of the biggest roles in making that happen, so kudos to him.

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