"One of the greatest fighters of this generation" - Liam Harrison on Nong-O's championship attributes

Liam Harrison (R) believes Nong-O Gaiyanghadao (L) is one of the greatest fighters of this generation. | [Photos: ONE Championship]
Liam Harrison (R) believes Nong-O Gaiyanghadao (L) is one of the greatest fighters of this generation. | [Photos: ONE Championship]

Greatness recognizes greatness, and Liam Harrison knows the kind of person he will be facing next in Nong-O Gaiyanghadao. ‘Hitman’ earned a shot at Nong-O’s ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world title after an impressive performance at ONE 156 against Muangthai PK. Saenchai.

The Sout China Morning Post recently caught up with Harrison as he prepares for an imminent collision course with the Thai legend. The 38-year-old shared his thoughts about his rival:

“[Nong-O is] one of the greatest fighters of this generation. If Saenchai wasn’t around, Nong-O would be the greatest fighter of this generation in my eyes. Incredible fighter, got great eyes, great balance, got a great kick, disgusting power. He’s wiped the floor with literally every single person he’s come up with in this division. He needs a fresh challenge, and I’m here to present it to him. The thing is, with Nong-O, you make one mistake or you just give him any sort of opening, he’ll knock you clean out. He’ll turn your lights out."

Nong-O has 263 wins in his illustrious career and has been undefeated since arriving at ONE Championship in 2018. He claimed the inaugural ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world title in 2019 and has defended his crown five times already.

Despite his praise for the division’s king, Liam Harrison is not selling himself short, as he knows what he can bring against Nong-O:

“The beauty of this sport is I hit just as hard or if not harder than Nong-O, and all I need is one gap. All I need is him to make one mistake as well," he said.

Watch the full interview below:


Liam Harrison guarantees a knockout in a showdown with Nong-O

Liam Harrison is on an incredible five-bout win streak which includes three knockout victories. He believes that facing a fighter of Nong-O Gaiyanghadao’s caliber will bring nothing but fireworks to the circle.

In the same interview with the South China Morning Post, Harrison declared that their match will not go the distance and that one of them will definitely end up on the floor before the bout comes to an end:

“You probably got two of the hardest punchers, heaviest hitters at 145 on the entire planet who are going to go head-to-head in this fight. Blink and you will 100 percent miss it. I guarantee one of us will be leaving that ring on our back. No, it won’t go the distance. I know how hard he hits, he will know how hard I hit, so you’re probably going to be in for another crazy night of excitement.”

No date has been set for their clash, but they will surely bring the house down when they meet.

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