"Literally staring death in the face" - MMA world reacts as Maycee Barber leaks video of "Karen" threatening to beat her up in public

Maycee Barber gets into an altercation with stranger. [Image courtesy: @mayceebarber on Instagram]
Maycee Barber got into an altercation with stranger [Image courtesy: @mayceebarber on Instagram]

UFC fighter Maycee Barber caught a heated exchange on camera and shared it on her social media, sparking a wave of reactions from the MMA world.

The video shows a seemingly intoxicated woman leaning against Barber's car. When confronted and told to move away, the woman belligerently argued back. The situation escalated as the woman threatened physical violence, completely unaware that she was messing with a professional fighter who holds a record of six knockouts in her career.

Full Send MMA later shared the video on their Instagram handle, which went viral with fellow fighters and fans expressing their disbelief at the woman's audacity.

The influencer outlet wrote:

"Karen almost starts a scrap with UFC's Maycee Barber."

UFC heavyweight Walt Harris commented:

"Literally staring death in the face and I don't even realize it! 😲"

Fellow UFC fighter Cody Durden wrote:

"This lady gonna watch this video days later thanking the lord she didn't throw a punch ! 😂"

Others added:

"damn that girl almost saw the light"
"omg she picked the wrong one 😂"

Check out some of the fan reactions to the Maycee Barber incident below:

Fans react to Maycee Barber's post
Fans react to Maycee Barber's post

Maycee Barber isn't alone: When former UFC champ Michael Bisping got heated with a stranger

While UFC fights are known for their intensity inside the cage, altercations involving MMA stars thankfully don't happen often outside of competition. However, recent incidents involving Maycee Barber and former champion Michael Bisping show these situations can arise.

Bisping, known for his colorful personality inside and outside the octagon, retired in 2017 due to eye issues. Despite his retirement, ‘The Count’ maintains his tough persona. One might think someone would be hesitant to start a fight with him, but that wasn't the case in New Orleans.

While visiting the city with his family, Bisping reportedly encountered a stranger who took offense to him filming on a public street. After a verbal exchange, the situation escalated when the stranger punched Bisping in the face. Thankfully, Bisping remained calm and shrugged off the incident.

Check out Bisping's post following the incident:

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