Logan Paul explains why he can relate to Mike Tyson's violent outburst against airplane heckler

Mike Tyson (left) & Logan Paul (right) [Image Credits- @miketyson on Instagram & TMZ Sports on YouTube]
Mike Tyson (left) & Logan Paul (right) [Image Credits- @miketyson on Instagram & TMZ Sports on YouTube]

Logan Paul recently offered his take on Mike Tyson's recent skirmish aboard a flight to Florida from San Francisco International Airport. Paul admitted that he could understand why Tyson was forced to take matters into his own hands.

While in conversation with his band of entertainers and Brendan Schaub on the latest edition of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Paul admitted that fans needed to practice restraint and caution while dealing with celebrities in public spaces.

"I can relate to this because when you take a selfie with someone typically, especially at an airport, especially if you're trying to mind your own business, that's going to be the end of our interaction. Maybe if I'm interested in the conversation? Sure, but like if we're especially sitting next to each other on a plane, my back is to you, you're reading that I'm not into the conversation, stop."

Check out the full episode of the IMPAULSIVE podcast right here:


Logan Paul admitted that he was surprised that the fan refused to heed Mike Tyson's warnings to relax and let him be. He further asserted that he was not surprised the fan was eventually attacked by the former boxing heavyweight champion.

Check out the footage of Mike Tyson's altercation on the flight below:


Logan Paul slaps internet personality Anwar Jibawi

In a video that was recently released, Logan Paul was seen slapping a social creator Anwar Jibawi during a festival.

The footage saw Paul and Jibawi interacting with each other. However, it is almost impossible to make out what the duo are discussing owing to the ambient noise of the festival.

What followed was a crisp slap from Paul across Jibawi's face that immediately floored him. Clearly dazed, Jibawi was seen stumbling and wondering what transpired.

The footage of the altercation was subsequently released by Jibawi himself. The creator took to Twitter to share the video with his fans, claiming that Paul had caught him off-guard.

Check out Anwar Jibawi's post on Twitter right here:

"He caught me off guard [Logan Paul]"
He caught me off guard @LoganPaul

Fans who interacted with the post, however, were convinced that the altercation was completely staged. Some fans even justified their stance by claiming that the duo created Vines together back in the day.

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