"Just f***ing make sure you got your bodyguards around you next time you wanna talk some sh*t"- Michael Bisping warns Conor McGregor after the deleted tweet and trash talk by 'The Notorious' one

Michael Bisping (left) and Conor McGregor (right)(Images via Getty)
Michael Bisping (left) and Conor McGregor (right) [Images via Getty]

Michael Bisping has responded to Conor McGregor's recent digs at him for acting in movies.

McGregor is known for insulting people on social media, and Bisping has been his latest target. 'The Notorious' made headlines this year when news broke about him featuring in a Road House remake with Jake Gyllenhaal, and he's using it as fuel towards other fighters such as 'The Count.'

Conor McGregor will make his motion picture acting debut along Jake Gyllenhaal in the 80’s classic “Road House” remake, it was announced today. Filming starts within the month. He will have a leading role. Here’s a statement from his spokesperson @KarenKesslerPR:

The former two-division champion then posted a now-deleted tweet directed at Bisping:

"All these little twerps wanna be actors now. Little twerps, There's Only One Mac Daddy. Bad to the bone but with a good heart. Action with Jake Gyl or Rom com with Sarah Jessica. Bisping, 'member that show you were in. Ye me neither."

Bisping never backs down from an argument or fight, and this time was no different. 'The Count' responded via his podcast Believe You Me:

"He's doing a big show with Jake Gyllenhaal. God bless him. Good for f***ing you... Just f***ing make sure you got your bodyguards around you next time you wanna talk some s**t, you little f**k."

Some believe McGregor went after Bisping because 'The Count' had landed a movie role in XXX: Return of Xander Cage in 2016. 'The Notorious' originally had the role but pulled out to focus on fighting Eddie Alvarez. Nonetheless, the former two-division champion always tries to have the last laugh.

Watch Michael Bisping respond to Conor McGregor below:


Conor McGregor responds after Michael Bisping tells him to ensure he has bodyguards

McGregor doesn't seem to like it when people hit back. Shortly after Bisping threatened him, 'The Notorious' responded. The response on Twitter was deleted, but an MMA fan screen recorded the audio message:

"Do you want to go to war man, yeah? Do you want to go to f***ing war? We'll go to war with you, yeah. Security, you little sausage of a thing... Keep my name out of your f***ing mouth in any type of threatening behavior, or I'll walk through your front door."

With Bisping commentating for the UFC, it'll be intriguing to see if they have an in-person altercation when McGregor returns. 'The Notorious' had his return from injury pushed to 2023, but the anticipation for him to fight again continues to grow.

Check out Conor McGregor's deleted audio message to Michael Bisping below:

Conor McGregor has sent another message Michael Bisping’s way. Such an odd feud.

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