Mike Perry names next opponent for winner of potential clash between him and Nate Diaz

Mike Perry (left), Nate Diaz (middle) and Jake Paul (right)
Mike Perry (left), Nate Diaz (middle) and Jake Paul (right)

Mike Perry believes that the winner of a potential fight between him and MMA veteran Nate Diaz should go on to fight internet sensation Jake Paul in a boxing match.

In an interview with Damon Martin for MMA Fighting, 'Platinum' said that a win over Diaz should earn him a shot at Paul or even Anderson Silva. 'The Spider' is sscheduled to compete against 'The Problem Child' on October 29.

"If me and Nate Diaz are both trying to get this Jake Paul fight, I honestly think that we should have a fight to see who deserves that fight if he can get past Silva. I mean, Silva, after the Jake Paul fight, if he wins and stuff, you know, I'm not trying to call him out... I want the fights that I deserve and that's whoever's the best is out there, that's doing big things and that's Nate Diaz and me and the winner of that should get the Jake Paul fight, or even the Anderson Silva fight, no disrespect to the GOAT."

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Mike Perry is currently 2-0 as a bare-knuckle boxer in BKFC. In his last outing, 'Platinum' took on Bellator MMA fighter Michael Page.The fight consisted of five two-minute rounds and ended in a split draw. So, a sixth round was contested between the two and Perry emerged victorious via a majority decision.

Mike Perry def. Michael Page at #BKFC27: Best photos…

Nate Diaz believes a boxing match with Jake Paul is a possiblity

During an interview with 'Boxing Social', Diaz was recently asked for his thoughts on a potential fight with Jake Paul. The Stockton native responded by saying that a boxing match with 'The Problem Child' could be on the cards.

"He's [Jake Paul] a possibility. The best-named boxers here are a possibility. Anybody who wants to fight unless you're in the toppest tier, don't even play with me. I'm ready to box anybody."

You can watch the full interview below:


After Diaz's win over Tony Ferguson at UFC 279, Paul put out multiple tweets sharing his reaction to the fight.

This is how you leave an employer and become your own boss.
Nate Diaz is a muthufuckin legend and would have slapped the shit out of Khamzat

'The Problem Child' had also uploaded a video on Twitter where he suggested a fight between himself and the 37-year-old.

Nate Diaz says he’s going into the sport of boxing.

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