"Someone should get fired" - Mike Tyson accuses Hulu of telling lies in series of angry tweets about his "unauthorized" biopic

MIKE poster (left), Mike Tyson (right) [Image via @hulu on Twitter]
MIKE poster (left), Mike Tyson (right) [Image via @hulu on Twitter]

Mike Tyson continues to accuse Hulu of lying about his 'unauthorized' biopic. In a series of recent tweets, 'Iron' once again slammed Hulu for going ahead with the documentary without his consent.

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman also claimed that the World Boxing Council provided belts for the production of the biopic after being misled by Hulu. Sharing Sulaiman's comments, Tyson urged that Hulu needs to fire someone:

"Someone should get fired from Hulu. Producers were lying to my friends saying I supported the unauthorized series about my life."
Someone should get fired from Hulu. Producers were lying to my friends saying I supported the unauthorized series about my life.…

In follow-up tweets, Tyson continued to accuse Hulu of stealing his story.

Hulu stole my story. They’re Goliath and I’m David. Heads will roll for this.
Hey @hulu I’m not a n****r you can sell on the auction block #slaveryisover #fuckhulu
Hulu’s model of stealing life rights of celebrities is egregiously greedy #headswillroll

Hulu announced in June that it would release an eight-episode series titled 'MIKE' on August 25, starring Trevante Rhodes. The executive producer of the series, Steven Rogers, had previously claimed that Tyson could not be involved due to rights issues. However, the boxing legend has dismissed all such claims as flatout lies. 'Iron' said in a statement to ET:

"[That's] a flat out lie. My life rights option expired years ago. Hulu nor any of their supercilious team ever tried to engage in any negotiations with this Black man. In their eyes I am still just a n----r on the auction block ready to be sold for their profit without any regard for my worth or my family."

"Exploitation of a Black man"- Mike Tyson on Hulu's unauthorized biopic

Trevante Rhodes previously told Rick Porter of the Hollywood Reporter that he views Mike Tyson as somebody who represents "specific Black men." However, the legendary boxer claims that the series is more like the exploitation of Black men as it stole his rights.

According to Tyson, Hulu is trying to use Black men as figureheads while they profit off them. 'Iron' told ET:

"They [Hulu] say this story is an exploration of a Black man. It's more like an exploitation of a Black man. Hulu thinks their tracks are covered by hiring Black sacrificial lambs to play the part as front men for their backdoor robbery is appalling. I will always remember this blatant disregard of my dignity."

Meanwhile, Steven Rogers and fellow executive producer Karin Gist have claimed that they want to provide a wider range of perspectives to Tyson's life story. The legendary boxer has been supported by the combat sports community as he continues his feud against the streaming giant.

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