Mike Tyson advises Evander Holyfield to ditch his business associates so they can make a fight deal

Roy Jones Jr. (left); Mike Tyson (centre); Evander Holyfield (right)
Roy Jones Jr. (left); Mike Tyson (centre); Evander Holyfield (right)

Combat sports legend and former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson has taken aim at Evander Holyfield’s business associates.

Mike Tyson has advised Evander Holyfield to ditch his business associates so that he and Holyfield can reach a deal for a future fight between them.

Tyson made the aforementioned statements in the post-fight interview after fighting Roy Jones Jr. in their exhibition boxing matchup on November 28th, 2020. Noted below is an excerpt from ‘Iron’ Mike’s words of advice to Evander Holyfield:

“Evander needs to talk to me because every time my business associates talk to his business associates, it doesn’t turn out well…If you could see what we made, if these guys really care about the welfare of Evander, they would have had this fight with Evander…Whoever he’s with who’s handling him is totally wrong.”

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. surprised many combat sports fans and experts

Mike Tyson retired from the sport of professional boxing back in 2005. And apart from an exhibition matchup in 2006, Tyson hadn’t competed in a boxing bout until his recent exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr.

On the other hand, Roy Jones Jr. retired from professional boxing in 2018, and hadn’t competed ever since. RJJ endured a considerable amount of punishment during the latter stages of his career.

Nevertheless, Jones has always been praised for his warrior spirit and longevity in the sport. With that being said, the legendary fighter still faced the challenge of getting back into fighting shape ahead of the matchup against Mike Tyson.

In light of the aforementioned variables at play, certain sections of the combat sports world believed that the exhibition match between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. wouldn’t live up to the hype and most fans’ expectations.

However, on November 28th, 2020, Tyson and Jones went the distance and put on an impressive display at the ages of 54 and 51 respectively.

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield could be on the cards, as Holyfield too is willing to take the fight

Mike Tyson has fought Evander Holyfield twice over the course of their boxing careers. The first fight, which took place in 1996, was an 11th round TKO win for Holyfield.

The rematch, which transpired in 1997, witnessed Mike Tyson being disqualified for biting Evander Holyfield’s ear. Holyfield was thereby awarded the win via DQ in the rematch, making him 2-0 against Tyson.

Tyson had an impressive showing in the exhibition match against Jones, with many believing that he won the match and that it should not have been scored as a draw.

The aftermath of the matchup has now witnessed Holyfield – who retired from professional boxing in 2011 – issue a challenge to Tyson to face him in their trilogy bout.

Regardless, the caveat is that many believe the trilogy bout between 54-year-old Tyson and 58-year-old Holyfield won’t be a professional boxing match, but rather an exhibition like Tyson vs. Jones.

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